16 Aug 2012

Wanted to post a picture with the Union Jack in it.  I love the Union Jack like Americans love the Stars and Stripes.

Am showing my love and loyality to the British Gov, which to me is the best government in the world.  Why, some Americans would ask when I was born in the City of angels.  Because the British government in 1972 saved my dad’s life when the American government under Nixon refused and said it wasn’t their problem to help Americans in danger overseas.  Praise God both his parents were from the UK and that made my dad and I( as I was 14) half British.  Put yourself in my shoes.  Which government are you going to love more and be more loyal to?  You are going to be more loyal to the British Government.  The British government has my heart, and is the government I would die for in battle.  So you love your stars and stripes and I will continue to love my Union Jack.


God save the queen

Obama this is the British Anthem and not a song for you to give your toast during.  You disrespected the Queen and the British people.  You are a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t care if you deport me back to the UK.  You would be doing me a favor.  you allow your hate for the British to do stupid things.  Like refusing to allow the Bust of Winston Churchill on American soil and then lie about it.  I believe the British Government and not you Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pray that the British government will make the right decision in regards to an international crisis that is developing.

Oh God,

Please give PM David Cameron  wisdom to know what the right thing to do is.  May he choose truth, justice and honor.  May he always choose the right side and not the most powerful side.  May he not be used and dictated to by the American gov.  May he find the courage to stand up to the Americans when needed and not be their puppet.

Oh, Lord let us not be living in a world where telling the truth gets you punished because America doesn’t like, respect or value truth.  Sorry but that has been my personal experience with people who hold a seat in the American government.  They don’t value truth nor do they have the courage to admit they were wrong and to try and make things right.  They are afraid of those of us who value truth, honor, and have real courage inside our hearts.  Who are not afraid to stand up to the bully on the block, which America has become.  Lord you know if this man is being punished unfairly because he dared to tell the truth about the American government.  Please let the truth be known and justice done.  Please let David Cameron and the British Government know the truth and have a heart for justice and honor.  Please let them have the courage to choose to stand up with honor.  Amen.

This Conservative really likes and admires David Cameron.  My wish is to be settled back in the UK by the next election so I can work for him and vote for him.

Sadly I can’t say that about any American who is in government.  I keep on hoping that they will show me they have the right stuff like David Cameron, but it is the same ole same ole of lies, corruption and no real love of nation.  They don’t value truth, equal justice, and honor.  They lack courage to tell the truth and stand up to the evil and corruption that has been destroying this nation.  Politics as usual and continue to fiddle away while Rome burns.  I don’t trust either Dems or Republicans.  They both are full of liars and evil men who for their greed sell the American people down the river.


Scotland the brave

Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will keep you posted on the Julian Assange case that is heating up now in the UK, with the British gov. saying they can go into the equador embassey and arreest him, even though they have granted him asylum.  People fear that the Brits are acting for the Americans who want to put Assange away and throw away the key for daring to tell the truth about their evil deeds.  It wouldn’t surprise me as I from personal experience have NO RESPECT for the American government and think they are COWARDS, LIARS, and HAVE NO HONOR.  Yes, I say that as someone who knows first hand the INDIFFERENCE the American Government SHOWS AND HAS FOR PEOPLE BORN IN THIS COUNTRY WHEN THEY ARE IN TROUBLE AND NEED HELP.  THEY JUST SAY IT ISN’T MY PROBLEM, WHEN IT IS THEIR PROBLEM.  THEY DON’T EVEN GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF, DEFEND YOURSELF, AND PROVE YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH, BEFORE JUST SAYING IT ISN’T MY PROBLEM.

So yes, at 14 I learned the TRUTH.  They can deport me back to Scotland and strip away my American citizenship for all I care.



It don’t come easy


Jumping Jack Flash


Please pray for the situation in the UK.




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    Gar Says:

    Just a note to let you know we are all well but very busy with the packing.


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