Report: Black ‘Mobs’ Attack White Patrons Outside Wis. State Fair

 Report: Black ‘Mobs’ Attack White Patrons Outside Wis. State Fair

“It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people.”

That’s how Norb Roffers described the scene outside the Wisconsin State Fair on Thursday night to Newsradio 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee. “They were attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever,” he added.

Roffers and others painted a grim and detailed picture of what unfolded during the first day of the fair.

“It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran who told the station that young people beat on his car.

WTMJ sums up their accounts: “Witnesses’ accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night.”

More Black Nationalist hate. To  read the rest of the article you must go to the blaze.

People are afraid to stand up to Black Nationalism and their HATE directed toward Whites.  all the victims were White and all the attackers were black, who sought to hurt Whites only.  Yet, our media will not speak about Black Nationalism as racist, because they only think racism is in Whites.  That is a lie.  All races can hate others.

Whites deserve human rights too.  Yet, Whites are being denied their Civil rights.  We have a AG that has said that equal rights don’t apply to Whites.  He is a disgrace. Every single human being, deserves human rights.  To have a government who believes Whites don’t deserve to have human rights is a disgrace.



  1. 1
    jonolan Says:

    It’s been happening all over. Hordes of Blacks picking a spot and attacking any Whites that they can get to there. Of course the MSM stays largely silent on it.

    Americans aren’t going to solve for this problem by staying on the defense. We’re going to have to exert proactive force and enact reprisals upon these vermin’s nests.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    violence is not the answer. The answer is to get the truth out. I posted it to my blog. The blaze posted it, and people are reading the story. They are becoming aware of the problem we face of Black hate on White. All races can hate other races. by telling the truth, and showing that Progressives are wrong to think that only the White races hates, maybe just maybe the light bulb will go on in their head, and they will stand up and fight for Whites to be included in having equal and human rights.

    Hate is not the answer. I strive to expose all hate.

    This doesn’t mean I think we should be sitting ducks, but that it does mean that we don’t put forth the first blow. That we only fight in defence.

  3. 3
    jonolan Says:

    The first, second, third…blows have already been struck and it’s been Whites on the receiving end of all them and the MSM remains silent, as does the government.

    Violence is the answer when it’s the only answer that the enemy understands and respects.

    As for the Progressives changing their minds – that’s a vain hope bordering upon delusion. Progressives already redefined racism as prejudice + power so that they could frame it as a White-only issue. They lack the will or capacity for change and must be added to the list of enemies that be destroyed.

  4. 4
    chrisy58 Says:

    I have received two more comments about this incident. I am not posting them, as one of them talked about how we should start shooting them. The other one too, thinks violence is the answer. Both posts will be deleted as I don’t want comments that have to do with violence or dreams of violence. You will have to go to one of your White Nationalist sites, like Stormfront or VNN. Though let me warn you, that Stormfront will delete your post and put you on moderation and if you keep posting about shoooting Blacks, you will be banned. VNN has no problem with you White Nationalists shooting Blacks and will let you post anything. That is why VNN is considered the sewer of White Nationalist blogs.

    VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have I made myself clear on this?

    Violence only plays into the hands of those who want to deny us equal rights and human rights. Whites need to be smart, and we need to educate people to the truth, that the world has now turned to the other extreem and that all human beings on the face of the earth should not be targeted for crime committed against them because of the color of their skin. If it is wrong, which we know it is for a Black person to be subject to violence because of the color of their skin, then it should be just as wrong as when a White person is targeted because of the color of their skin. Truth and Justice are color blind, or at least they should be.

    I will repeat this statement again, THE ONLY TIME VIOLENCE SHOULD BE USED IS IN THE CASE OF SELF DEFENSE. Talking about going out and shooting them is not SELF DEFENSE.

    Be smart.

    We Whites have every right to exist as any other race of people. We have a duty to our children to make sure that they can live by their traditions and culture of their ethnic group. I remember when my dad and I would go to the Scottish games to celebrate our Celtic Culture. One of the joys was learning about the clans and our History. One can be proud of their heritage and ancestors and still not be a White Nationalist, though I know that is the first step that White Nationalists will convince people that they are just an heritage group. WRONG, White Nationalism is more then just an heritage group representing all the White ethnic groups. I believe in White Pride World Wide of Whites all around the globe, being proud of their ethnic group like Blacks and Hispanics being proud of their heritiage and culture. To have one group singled out as not being able to take pride in their ancestors and culture is wrong, yet that is what we have in the USA today. Any other race but White can be proud of their ethnic group. How is it racist, to be proud of your ancestors and heritage, when all the other races are encouraged to take pride? Why is it that White ethnic groups are singled out as bad and evil?

    Even though the rank and file White Nationalists don’t understand, and think of WN as a heritage group, White Nationalism is a political view. It has to be, in order for them to gain the power to have their White Nationalist homeland. John Tyndale spoke at the Euro 2004 Conference in New Orleans and he was a passionate speaker who moved the people there. John Tyndale started the British National Party (BNP) for non Brits. He said that if White Nationalists are not working to gain political power one step at a time, they are wasting their time and energy. He spoke the truth. White Nationalism is not some game, nor is it just an heritage group either. The BNP won two MEP seats in the last election. Don’t know how they are going to do this election. They do know that they have to work at winning one seat at a time. You build on your successes. The test will come in the next election on if they hold on to the two MEP seats they have and gain one more.

    In the States, a lot of White Nationalists work through the Republican party.

    NON VIOLENT PROTEST is what is needed. Think of Gandi, of India. Think of Martin Luther King in the States. Follow their example of non violent protest. We educate with the pen. Hopefully when the truth is shown that Whites are being targeted by Black Nationalists because they are White, people will join us in fighting for equal and human rights for all people including Whites, will join the cry of human rights for all people, including Whites. The Boers in South Africa are fighting for their very survival. They have no where they can move too, as their ancestors came to Africa centuries ago. Yet, they are being murdered because they are White. Yet, the world is silent. Why isn’t the UN speaking out against the murder of the Boers? Why is the world silent when whole families including children are muredered because they happen to be born White? They should have their own homeland, where they can be safe in Africa, but will the world wake up to the truth in time?

    We must stand for the truth, and continue to get these stories out. People need to wake up that Racism does exist in all races and not just the White race as Progressive Democrats believe. They don’t understand that by their denial of the truth, that they are on the side of those who want to destroy their own ethnic group off the face of the earth. What happen to real men, who would fight to protect themselves, their families and their ethic group’s survival? Where have all the righteous men gone who have the courage to tell the truth to those in power, to stand up and defend those who they know are being lied about, and stand up to power and tell the truth, even if it means power gets mad at you. What happen to fighting for our survival? Where are the real men today?

  5. 5
    jonolan Says:

    Your blog; your failed ideology; your rules.

    Delete whatever you want but know that you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution and are as guilty as the Progressives because you automatically equate proactive measures against dangerous people with racism instead of realizing it based upon behavior and proving to the vermin that they and those harbor them are touchable.

    You put far too many restrictions upon self defense, especially since few Whites are equally practiced in violence with the vermin and would loose the encounters.

  6. 6
    chrisy58 Says:

    Yes, this is my blog, and I do have a couple of rules. Even Stormfront and VNN have rules. Yet, to you White Nationalists, I am just supposed to let you post hateful comments. NO, I will not allow you to post your hate here, and turn a serious issue of equal and human rights applying to all people and all races, which include Whites. You really think talking about shooting Blacks is going to help gain people of all races to join us, in fighting against all RACISM, which includes Black on White hate?

    You don’t call Blacks vermin. That is just as hateful as Progressives like our vice President calling Conservatives terrorists or Sen John Kerry wanting to end free speech and thought for Conservatives. No, I am not a Progressive, nor am I a White Nationalist. Hate is hate. I don’t care if it is White Nationalist hate or Progressive, or Black Nationalist hate. At least I have the courage to stand up to those in power and say, do you realize that your statements and thoughts are just as racist as White Nationalists?

    I will say the same thing to you that I said on a letter to Sen. Kerry. When you do not have the truth on your side and can’t discuss issues with the facts, one reverts to name calling. White Nationalists and Progressives do it all the time. Instead of doing the research on your own, and trying to find the truth, people would rather demigod the issue and call someone who disagrees with you a name.

    Human rights should apply to all people on the planet and that includes Whites. The Boers should be given a safe place to live in Africa where they don’t have to fear being murdered because they are White. This is a human rights issue. Two wrongs never make a right. Yes, Whites in the past, did things that hurt others, and the world was silent, now we are at the other extreem, where Blacks can do the same evil things to Whites and the world is silent or cheers Black Nationalist hate. The world is silent!!!

    It has taken me a long time to be where I am today. I was wishy washy and always going here, there, and everywhere. One day I thought this and the next day that, and sometimes I would go back to a thought or belief I had before. I know the old White Nationalist friend thought he was insulting me or hurting me by saying I was wishy washy, but he didn’t because if one is not willing to listen and think over bad things said as well as the good, then they don’t grow as a person. It is by thinking is this statement true or false. His statement was true.

    I am old fashion and I believe the man is the head of woman, and we are the heart. The man is the head of the home and the woman is the heart that makes a house into a home. We are to be his helpmate and he is the one we submit to. That is why it is very important as woman that we think carefully of is this man someone I can obey without question? Will he be a good protector/provider? Do I respect him? If there is any doubt, then don’t marry until you know in your heart, that you can submit to him and love him unconditionally and that he loves you unconditonally too. Do you have a strong foundation to build a marriage upon. I don’t believe women should be the one to make the first move. I like a man who will be the one who can take the lead and reign me in when I need it. Men have to earn their respect and can’t just demand it. Why is that so hard for White Nationalist men to understand that making a man earn your respect before submitting is natural and normal, and doesn’t mean I hate the White man and destroy his manhood, which White Nationalists have told me. I am as far away from a woman libber as one can be. Yet, to White Nationalists I am out to destroy White men. So yes, I was a very good parrot and was very good at repeating what I was told to believe. Problem is, I could never say why I believed something in my own words. I was reciting what I had been told to believe.

    The last few years, I have been on a journey to find out what I BELIEVE FOR MYSELF. It has been a journey. If one has read my blog, they have taken the journey with me. I know two things that I am not a White Nationalist and that I am not a Progressive. I know that I am a Catholic who believes that the Bible is the Word of God, and that we must strive our best to live by the teachings of Christ and his Holy Church on earth. One can’t be either a White Nationalist or a Progressive and still be a Catholic in good standing. White Nationalists hate Israel, Jews, Catholics, Christians, Blacks, etc. Progressives hate Conservatives, Catholic/Christians (because we are pro life and believe abortion is murder). There are other issues that we as Catholics can’t support the Progressives on.

    The pen is the way to win the battle to educate people to the truth, that there is Black Nationalism in this country that targets and does violence on people just because the color of their skin is White. Progressives like to say that the only race that hates is Whites, yet that is a lie. We need to show them by our pen that the truth is that all RACES CAN HATE AND COMMIT EVIL DEEDS ON OTHERS WHO ARE NOT OF THE SAME RACE. Human rights apply to all people. I believe if we can wake people up to the truth that Black Nationalism exists then we can fight for Equal rights for all. Truth and Justice should be color blind.To me it is a moral issue that all people regardless of race are protected and granted human rights. All races should be allowed to have a nation of their own, that is safe from the terror of RACISM. We don’t have that now, and because of that, we are facing the possibility that the Boers will be totally wiped out in Africa. Character can be found in all races, not just the White race. I have prayed with Blacks who had just as strong a faith in the Lord as I did.

    People like you, make it harder for the rest of us who truly want equal rights for all people, no matter what race you are. The truth is on our side that RACISM DOES EXIST IN BLACKS. Black Nationalism is just as hate filled as White Nationalism can be. You are the example of the hate filled White Nationalists. Sad thing is that you play into the myth. I remember at Euro we were told, that if someone came up to you and talked about shooting someone just because he was Black, get as far away from him as possible. There were several reasons for this. 1. He was either a idiot or nut job, who is not really part of fighting for human rights to apply to Whites too. 2. He was an undercover cop trying to set you up. Either way someone like you would not have been encouraged to stay around. Do you think that those who really believe in equal rights for Whites, would want you to be part of anything they do, with your talking about shooting Blacks, just because they were Black?

  7. 7
    chrisy58 Says:

    Jon, I approved your last post, but it disappeared, sorry.

    We will have to agree to disagree.

    So you think it is ok to kill Progressives too? Unlike the Progressives I have met in real life, who didn’t give a damn about what happen to me; I would die defending Progressives and their right to free speech and thought. I would die to protect them.

    I will die to protect Jews who also will be targeted by White Nationalists. I have to go to a doctor’s appointment so I need to go now, but later I will finish my response to you.

    Violence is never the answer. Two wrongs never make a right. The answer is to fight with the pen, to wake people up to the truth that RACISM EXISTS IN ALL RACES AND NOT JUST THE WHITE RACE.

    why did gandi win against the british empire? Why did Martin Luther King win? They both believed in non violence protest. The truth is on our side. It is the morally right thing to expose all HATE AND RACISM.

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