MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, Guest: Tea Party Like ‘Psychotic’ Drug Addicts, Norway Killer

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, Guest: Tea Party Like ‘Psychotic’ Drug Addicts, Norway Killer

Just when you thought the bias couldn’t get any more egregious over at MSNBC, Martin Bashir topped himself yet again when he encouraged one of his recent guests to psychologically analyze Tea Party members.  And Stanton Peele, the psychologist and addiction “expert” being interviewed, certainly didn’t disappoint Bashir, delivering his rather patronizing “professional” opinion in a segment affectionately titled the “Mind of the Tea Party.”

The diagnosis? It’s pretty grim. Tea Party members are apparently suffering “psychosis.” What’s more, according to the good psychologist, they are also the equivalent of drug addicts seeking a euphoric high, who will stop at nothing to achieve that high, and who will lash out like Anders Breivik did in Norway if they fail to attain that high.  Peele follows up his grave prognostication with the assertion that what the Tea Party wants is unattainable, hence, they will (you guessed it) lash out like the killer did in Norway.


To read the rest of the article and to listen to the video you must go to the Blaze.

I listened to it.  More Progressive HATE SPEWED toward Conservatives.  They know they lie and think nothing of their words making people hate others.  They ( Progressives) are turning Conservatives intio sub humans, like the Nazi’s in Germany turned Jews into sub humans, that it was encouraged to HATE, like Progressives today are encouraged to HATE Conservativies.

Progressives like White Nationalists can’t argue the facts by truth, so they only call you names if you happen to hold a different political view.  Again, I see the same HATE, and the same name calling of others as White Nationalists.

I was reading my my nightly Bible reading about the righteous man.  A righteous man not only doesn’t lie, but doesn’t support men who do lie.  A righteous man values truth and honor.

I thought sadly, that righteous men are a rare jewell in today’s world.We even have so called Catholic/christian men who support others who they know are lying.  They refuse to stand up for the truth and defend those they know they are lying about.  So therefore they aren’t righteous men.  We have very few righteous men in government today.  We have very few righteous men in journalism or in media today. 

I would encourage men to seek being a true righteous man. 



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