Don’t Let the Insurance Industry Dictate Health Care Reform!

Don’t Let the Insurance Industry Dictate Health Care Reform!

Target: U.S. Congress
Sponsored by: Consumers Union

Some in Congress are now saying we should settle for a health reform plan pushed by the giant insurance corporations. The companies promise not to deny anyone coverage, as long as everyone is required to buy insurance from them.

That’s a brilliant recipe to increase insurance company profits, and put more middle-men between you and your doctor, but it doesn’t solve our health care crisis!

To really bring costs down and get everyone covered, we need meaningful change, not another “trust us” plan from the insurance industry.

Meaningful change includes real choice:
   – A publicly run coverage plan that would compete with plans offered by insurance companies, 
   – Financial help for those who truly can’t afford their premiums, whether they buy a public or private plan, and
   – Tough rules to crack down on waste and abuse.

Tell Congress you expect real, affordable health insurance choices, not just what the insurance industry wants.


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