Who is John de Nugent?

I had never really heard of John de Nugent.  I had seen his name on forums that he posted on, but I had never heard him speak or seen him in person.  I found this thread that I have been reading and it has become interesting and I want to make comments on so I am posting some of it here on my blog.

This is from VNN.  Since John dreams of being President someday, I think it is important to find out who this man really is.  Maybe I will go on a search to find out who the real John de Nugent is as I think it important to know who all the players are and who those are who dream of being President that are White Nationalist.  Knowledge is power, and I do want to seek the truth.

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Default John de Nugent banned from Stormfront by Don Black

Originally Posted by Don Black View Post

John, you’ve really lost it.

Back in the early 90s when you were plain “John Nugent” and came to our house to visit, when you were selling a trust package for Willis Carto to the lady across the street, you told me you’d found a psychiatrist who was politically supportive who’d helped you. I didn’t ask why you needed a psychiatrist, and I’d never have imagined you’d someday be telling the world all about it on something called Stormfront. You need to leave here and find him. Don Black.

Have you read and are you aware of the insinuations by Hans that I am a homosexual and a molester, and what is your position on those insinuations?

Have I not been grievously wronged and defamed on this thread?

I have never once hidden, but rather openly discussed, as I am open about everything of importance and general interest, that I sought help for years of horrific sexual abuse.

And I have praised therapy as vital to turning around the life of anyone who has been through hell. My own father, who went through the horrors of WWII and Korea, had to seek psychiatric help for six months after the atrocities he witnessed by the Japanese and the North Koreans, including crucified, emasculated, eyes-gouged out Marine lieutenants.

It is not shameful to be a victim, but it is courageous to get help when you need it.

But now I ask you, Don:

Do you, Don Black, support the insinuations of Hans that I am a homosexual and child molester?

Have you actually READ his insinuations on this thread?

Do you support them?

You know, Don, when David Duke, not then Doctor Duke, was under attack, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune reporter Tyler Bridges was snooping for personal dirt on David Duke, a lot of people gave him vicious information.

In fact, only a fraction of it ever came out. I decided that I would never stoop to the vicious insinuations, innuendo and unspeakable rumors I had heard. I reject character assassination. I reject defamation. I reject coprophilic posts by anyone. And I loathe cowardly insinuators such as this Hans.

And I defend Dr. Duke against his many detractors. I have been to his home, in the Alps, and I have come to see a man who, like myself, has overcome a less than perfect mother, to say the least — he gives her just a few words shrift in his autobiography — and, having had a dysfunctional mother myself, I salute David’s towering achievements for our race, and I salute yours in creating the great Stormfront!!!

I drove 900 miles to the EURO conference to support David and you, when the word went out that the EURO conference last November was on shaky footing after so many speakers cancelled and the hotel situation became precarious.

I was there for you. And Henrik Holappa, whom Hans is now insinuating by inference was a homosexual, got a standing ovation, and I did okay in my speech too.

I suggest, Don, that you actually read this thread.

Best to you, white brother,

John de Nugent

I am sorry you suffered child abuse.  I am sad to say that many of us are survivors and suffer the effects.  Emotionally I am a wreck, but I am hoping with time that I can heal from the pain that my past has brought me.  I hope that you can heal too.

I am not a White Nationalist and will never support your message, but as a fellow abused child I have compassion for your pain.  There is a code that abused kids help other abused kids.  I have always tried to live by that code, though I know others in White Nationalism do not live by that code and wouldn’t help another abused child even though they were abused as children.  Maybe they weren’t sexually abused like we were, but they came were abused in other ways.

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It’s Don ‘Black’ who should be explaining why his shitty website is a highly-controlled, pro-jew phony front to keep White people under control.

Isn’t ‘Black’ a jew name?

A mod called ‘Jack Boot’ who censors anyone who names the jew? LOL, that’s jewy right there.

First off Black is not a Jewish name.  There are a lot of non Jews who have the last name Black.   My nephew has the last name Black and he is not Jewish.  This is an example of the people that are paranoid that make up White Nationalism.  You know those people who see a Jew hiding behind every tree and feel the Jewish person is out to destroy them and control the world.  You know the kind that believe that the Jewish person is evil.

Second, Stormfront is a private forum that Don Black owns the rights to.  He has the right to run it as he sees fit.  If you don’t like it than you are free to not post there. You are free go to another forum or start your own blog where you can control it as you like.  Over the years, I see people who like to whine and whine about how terrible SF is but they don’t ever start their own blog or forum, they just whine and whine which to me shows lack of conviction.  If you are going to bash someone else for doing what he wants on his forum, but refuse to start your own blog or forum than you have no backbone to do something about the things you don’t like, but only want to whine and whine without taking the action needed to change things. I may not be explaining this very well.  Sometimes I have a hard time with the right words coming out that I want to say.  Which leads to misunderstandings. I may be an anti-White Nationalist but at least I have the guts to start my own blog and speak my own mind.  I try to be fair and I try to keep an open mind.  I have always stood up and said that if someone doesn’t like SF than they are free to start their own blog or go to a website that they like. 

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Black is typically a Jewish name. I’m just sayin’.

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Originally Posted by Hate Beast View Post
I agree that people’s dirty laundry should not be aired on a public forum. That being said, please pardon my ignorance, but who is John de Nugent and why is it newsworthy that he has been banned from SF?

You must be disconnected from the W.N. scene if you don’t know who he is. John de Nugent wants to be President of the United States of America.

We have another White Nationalist who dreams of being President.    I can’t fault him for the dream because many boys grow up dreaming to be President.  Though John, the reality is that you will never be President anymore than David Duke will be President.  I believe George Wallace also dreamed of being President and ran too.  I just don’t see it.  I may be wrong and America moves so far to the right that a White Nationalist could be elected, but the reality is that I believe America is moving to the Left. 

I just don’t see the Right Wing in this country gaining the political power it once had, but who knows I could be wrong, as I am just a stupid women who many White Nationalists believe should play no role in the political arena.  What can I say, I have always loved politics and I am not the kind to let some White Nationalist tell me that I because I was born as a woman can’t be active in politics.  I know, I get back to the I being rebellious and not falling in line and being the good CI/White Nationalist wife who obeyed her so called husband or else.



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Donnie I don’t know why can’t see those threads. I can.

Here is one where I was accused of being a Bill White sockpuppet. LOL. Guess BW is posting from prison.

Here is the one regarding child molester at Stormfront conference:

In case you cannot get it to pull up:

Stormfront Leader Solicited At Least Nine Girls As Young as Nine In 1996

Update And Correction On Joe Fields

1/23/2007 6:15:02 PM
Discuss this story in the forum
Overthrow Staff

Torrance, California — Stormfront activist and close associate of Don Black, David Duke, Jamie Kelso and Willis Carto Joe Fields offered at least nine young girls as young as nine $1000 each to appear in pornographic movies and had at least five other child porn films seized from his home in 1996, Overthrow.com has learned today.
This information partially confirms and partially corrects an earlier story this website ran on fields.

According to a copy of Fields’ court and prison records, which was forward to Overthrow today along with several news articles on Field’s arrest and a copy of a letter Field sent to supporters claiming he was framed for the crime by Tom Metzger, Ernst Zundel and the ADL, Fields served a year in prison after being convicted on a plea of no contest to five counts of offering girls nine to sixteen years old $1000 each to appear in pornographic films with him.

The full test of the Torrance, California Daily Breeze article on the case from March 30, 1996, follows:


By Ian Gregor, Staff Writer
Torrance California Daily Breeze 30 March 1996

Two time ultra-right political candidate Joe Fields has been charged with trying to persuade underage girls to appear in a pornographic movie, Torrance police said.

Fields was taken into custody Thursday morning at his home on West 260th Street in Harbor City, said Torrance police sergeant [obscured] La Londe. An arrest warrant charged Fields with nine misdemeanor counts of child annoyance.

His arrest follows complaints in February from nine Torrance and Lomita girls, ages 12 to 16 [Bill: note that a later article amended the ages to “9 to 13“], that a man had approached them as they walked home from school and, in some cases, offered them money to appear in a pornographic movie, according to a search warrant police obtained March 11 for Fields’ home and car.

Police executed the warrant earlier this month, seizing five pornographic videotapes, according to court records.

Fields posted $15,000 bail and was released from custody Thursday afternoon, La Londe said.

Each count of misdemeanor child annoyance carries a maximum penalty of a $1000 fine and a year in jail.

Officials from the Police Department and City Attorney’s office did not know whether arraignment had been scheduled.

Fields, 32, gained local attention in the 1980s with his public espousal of anti-Semitic and racist views before his unsuccessfull runs for state Assembly in 1992 and Congress in 1994. He vehemently denied the child annoyance charges during a brief interview at his home.

“All charges are false,” Fields said [though he later pleaded no contest to them], “I completely deny them. I think its being fabricated to destroy me because of my political views.”

[Bill: Note that nine unreleated girls picked out Fields as having solicited them. That’s not exactly unpersuasive on its face.]

Fields says he believes he is being set up by the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization dedicated to fighting prejudice. He did not elaborate on his theory, saying he had not yet spoken with his attorney.

Court documents filed by police to support their search warrant detailed the following events leading to Fields’ arrest.

The alleged incidents occurred from Feb 5 to Feb 14, mostly in the Arlington Avenue / Carson Street area near Torrance High School. Five of the girls attend Torrance High School, thre attend JH Hull Middle School, and one goes to a vocational school.

Interview separately, the girls said they were walking home when they were approached by a man in an older model white car.

The man, who was unshaven with a mustache and dirty short hair, asked the girls if they wanted to be in a pornographic movie that was being filmed in Long Beach that evening. Three of the girls said the man offered them $1,000 to be in the movie. Six reported that he gave them a piece of paper with a name and telephone number and said to call the number if they were interested.

The car was dirty inside and littered with food wrappers, clothing, pornographic movies, and graphic porn magazines, several girls said. Some of the girls walked a way. One threw a Coke at the suspect. None called the number.

When Torrance police ran a DMV check on the car based on a license plate number several girls provided, they found it registered to Fields. All of the girl identified Fields when show his drivers licesne photo along with those of five other men of similar appearance.

The father of one girl, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he was relived to hear an arrest had been made and was upset with his daughter for even speaking with the man.

Fields was never more than a [obscured] on the local political scene.

He ran as a member of the far right American Independence Party for the 36th Congressional District in 1994 and the 54th Assembly District in 1992. He finished with a tiny fraction of the vote each time.

During the elections, Fields campaigned as a nationalist in favor of immigration control and trade restrictions.

‘Vicious Nazi’

But he had a long history of hate-laced statements and actions. An official with the Jewish Defense League [a terrorist organization] described him in 1992 as a “vicious Nazi”.

In a tape recorded 1986 conversation with former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in a Culver City hotel room, Fields, then 22, said: “Sure, I love the Klan. I love the Nazi Party better, though. There’s something about the swastika and the brown shit. I just like it better.”

In October 1985, Fields and three other men were evicted from a Torrance Boulevard restaurant for wearing swastikas on their lapels, exchanging “Sieg Heil” salutes and allegedly vandalizing a restroom with anti-Semitic graffitti.

In December 1984, the Harbor Hawk, Harbor College’s student newspaper, was censured by community college trustees after it published a series of opinion peices by then student Fields in which he claimed that an institute had uncovered “convincing evidence that the ‘Holocaust’ was a giant fraud.”

Fields was fired from the paper three months later after he and Tom Metzger, the reputed head of the white supremacist group White Aryan Resistance, distributed pamphlets claiming the Holocaust is a myth. Here

Yeah, it was Bill White that caught it. Here was the final outcome, after Edgar Steele said that he would look into it before going off half-cocked

Joe Fields: Guilty as Charged Rarely do I speak out against individuals who support our cause and then, always, it has been in self defense after first having been maligned by them. Today, I must break that rule and add my voice to those in condemnation of Joe Fields and his scheduled March conference.

FIRST, Joe Fields is a self-confessed child molester.

In 1996, Fields pled “nolo contendre” to four counts of violating California’s Penal Code Section 647.6, in exchange for the prosecution dropping another five counts under the same statute.

Pleading [nolo[/i] to a charge (literally, “no contest,” or “you got me dead to rights and I ain’t got no defense”) is a fiction created by the courts to allow guys like Fields to claim, somehow, that they didn’t really plead guilty. Courts do this because it saves time by getting cases closed that, otherwise, would have to be tried in order to obtain the inevitable guilty verdict. People pleading “nolo” get marked down as “guilty” and are sentenced accordingly.

The most recent extended descriptions by Bill White, posted at his site, Overthrow.com, and in this thread are accurate in all respects, so I will not recount the details. The statute, which makes it illegal to “molest or annoy any child under the age of 18,” is not used lightly or frivolously. Not in LA, where the cops and the DAs have far more real work to do than they can handle. The next step up from this charge requires actual sexual intercourse with children.

Both Bill White and Tom Metzger provided me partial copies of Fields’ court file, at my request and without much of any comment. I saw the rest for myself in the LA County records. The file speaks for itself. Joe pled, did some hard time and then served extended probation.

SECOND, Joe Fields is a liar.

When the allegations first were brought to my attention via postings to VNN, I called Fields and spoke to him. Fields absolutely swore to me that, while he “mistakenly” had been charged with six counts under the statute above, eventually all those charges were dropped and he was not convicted, nor did he pay any penalties. At the time, it seemed unlikely to me that he would so baldly lie to me about something so easily verified. I was wrong. As the court file was to show, He lied to me.

Fields also wrote an extended letter to the WN community at the time which attempted to explain away the charges and his admissions thereto. He lied extensively in it about the charges, the meaning of his pleas, his lawyer and about appealing the result. Fields tried to blame copping the pleas on his lawyer’s pressure and lying, then made some truly remarkable claims about the lawyer, to boot.

I found no evidence of Fields appealing squat. He lied about that.

Quite recently, I spoke at length with Fields’ lawyer at the time, Encino lawyer David Currie. Though Currie was unable to discuss much about the case, due to attorney-client privilege, California Attorney Disciplinary rules do allow an attorney to speak out enough to rebut charges made by an ex-client. Currie unequivocally called Fields’ written charges (he never even had heard about Fields’ letter prior to my call) “absolutely false.” I believe him. Fields lied about his lawyer.

Fields issued his conference announcement stating that I would be present before I confirmed that I would attend. Despite that, I did confirm, because of the others who already (according to Fields) had confirmed. I have spoken to a couple of them. At least some of them did NOT confirm. “He shouldn’t be saying that about me, since I don’t even intend to be there, let alone speak,” said one to me. Fields lied about that.

I invited Fields to respond to some of the above material. He declined to do so…apparently more “nolo contendre.” Silence in the face of accusation is acquiescence.

Yes, one should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Once the primary evidence of guilt is produced, however, the presumption then shifts to the accused. At that point, silence is an admission (save only in a formal court of law, though juries pretty much see things that way, too).

There is more, but that is more than enough for me. I will NOT be attending Fields’ conference. I encourage you not to attend. If the listed speakers who have not yet returned my calls or answered my emails will do either, I personally will attempt to dissuade them from attending, either.

Some may think my attitude about this matter to be too harsh. To those, I say: You have a problem, not I, and perhaps you should seek treatment for it.

Admittedly, child molestation is something of a “third rail” for me, since I believe that child molesters should receive the death penalty for a first offense. Solicitation of children for sexual purposes, which is all to which Fields pled guilty, is enough for me to want to see someone locked up for a long time. Had I been the judge, Fields would not have gotten off so lightly, despite no apparent evidence of his having actually touched any of the children who identified him.

Should someone actually touch my child, I hope the authorities never hear about it …. do the math.

Lying is another matter, albeit lesser. Honesty and forthrightness are key with me in life. When someone lies repeatedly, I thereafter refuse to believe anything he has to say. Henceforth, just as will I, you are entitled to disregard anything Joe Fields has to say about anything.

We do not need this sort of role model in the WN movement. Just now, Kevin Strom’s lengthening silence makes clear that he, too, is some sort of pervert. Terrific. Just terrific.

It is our responsibility to clean up our own act and condemn those among us who break the law, particularly when violations so thoroughly trash the fundamental principles upon which we stand.

Make no mistake: Joe Fields was not a political prisoner. Obviously, neither is Kevin Strom. These men do not deserve our support. They have not earned our indulgence for this sort of thing. If we do not step up and condemn their actions, then we are hypocrites and worse.

I am not the first to cast a stone in the direction of either Fields or Strom, but now I do just that. What you do is between your conscience and yourself, but I will not sit silently while men such as these posture and presume to speak for us.

Because of the extensive censorship that exists over at Stormfront, particularly concerning Strom, I will not be posting this there myself, but I encourage those of you who think it might survive to do so.

If anybody knows of Fields’ conference having been advertised elsewhere, please let me know so that I might set the record straight there, as well.

Edgar J. Steele

This is one big reason that I detest White Nationalists because they act like they are so morally pure and they are guilty of crimes against girls and boys.  I get very angry because I was sexually abused as a young girl.  Yet White Nationalists defend these child perverts who like young girls and boys in a sexual way. 

I have yet seen White Nationalist leader stand up against this crime.  They make excuses like it is Zog that set this person up, or they don’t allow the truth to come out by cover up, or they are guilty of crimes themselves so they don’t want the light of truth shone on their actions.  They lack courage, backbone and strength to stand up and do the right thing.  They are cowards who allow abuse to continue and in silence allow the victims of these crimes to suffer.

It is always the Jew set me up or some other lame excuse.  They will not cut ties with those who do these crimes, and silence anyone who dares to speak up asking for truth and justice to be done.  White Nationalism is bad news.  They can say all they want that they are moral and honorable people, but the truth is that they are guilty of covering up crimes.

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It is my opinion that Don Black is in the wrong here. Perhaps the ban will be lifted or perhaps it is temporary.

These internet forums may seem trivial and meaningless to some, but in a big world with a small political movement, they allow our meager numbers to come together in a very real way. We can change things only by changing people’s minds. That’s how change comes: in the mind.

Jon de Nugent comes off as very cultured, educated, and interesting. I read his thread at Stormfront and the width and breadth of his knowledge is always enlightening. I will say that he tends to air the nightmares of his childhood a bit much, but perhaps that is his way of cleaning his mind of its garbage. I can’t say I was systematically raped as a child because my childhood was very idealistic. So it’s hard to pass judgment on how he goes about cleansing his psyche of events he had no control over – making him blameless.

Jon has a young friend named Henrik Holappa. The relationship may seem odd or questionable to some – due to their age differeces – but I believe Jon had essentially adopted him as the son he apparently does not have. Jon’s cultured aspect comes off as slightly effeminate as he is not overbearing or abrasive in manner. So of course the questionable types, like Hans and others who have a strong dislike of white unity, jump on the idea that Jon and Henrik sleep in the same bed. Disgusting nonsense, of course, but everyone must surely know that there are scads of paid jews and paid ZOG agents trying to bring a place like SF down. We even have these questionable types here badmouthing everyone at SF because there’s some cooking threads there.

Then you have Henrik’s recent arrest and incarceration, a situation which must be greatly unnerving to those close to Henrik. And of course this offers the shit-stirrers at SF another wonderful opportunity to muddy the waters and stir the shit, as they are wont to do.

ZOG fucking sucks. That’s where the blame is and that’s where it always will be. We are slaves living under a tyranny of jews and that’s all there is to it.

Don Black ought to read the thread and ban Hans instead. We do need a leader, and Jon de Nugent has stepped up to bat. That’s more than any of us can say for ourselves. His history isn’t spotless, and he does have some psychological issues. But if you’re so perfect and your mind works so flawlessly, why aren’t you trying to organize us into political ACTION so we can make the move to reclaim this land given to us by our ancestors? Or are you only fit to be a cowardly gd slave who can do nothing but badmouth men who step to the fore?

White unity, no questions asked, now and forever!

It’s later than you think…

White Unity is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!  Like most of White Nationalism it is only one big lie.  Like the lie that the so called leaders in the Cause are honorable, honest, and moral men when the truth is that many are sexual perverts, abusers, and nut cases.  I could name leader after leader who falls into one of those groups.

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I suspect Black became a bit jealous of John’s growing popularity on Stormfront and of John’s stated plans to unite and organize whites into an activist organization. Funds and labors might be siphoned from Stormfront, don cha know ??

I never met you at Euro and I have heard stories about you Rounder.

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Mr. de Nugent, I like what I have read out of you so far. I hope that you will have a great future in your cause. I also hope that you won’t be the next in a long line that have let us down.

Yes, the hope that somehow this time you John will be a leader who won’t be let down.  That  seems to be the common hope with White Nationalists that this time the leader won’t lie, cheat, steal, be sexually perverted, abuser, and be the real McCoy who will lead the White race to victory.

Heck, the American people are hoping that we will finally have someone who is the real McCoy and that very badly needed change will come down the pike.  So it isn’t only White Nationalists who hope that finally we have a leader who won’t disappoint us by not being as he promised during the election.  You know the agent of change away from the policies of George W. Bush.

I know David Duke doesn’t think President Obama is any different than George W. Bush, but I with all my heart hope and pray that David Duke is wrong.  For the Constitution’s sake we need a President who will erase all the effects of the Bush years and move us in a whole new direction.  We need to send a strong message that America is not going to stand for Presidents (leaders) who have no respect for the Constitution of the United States.  We need to teach Americans a Civil Lesson that in fact our system of government works and that even though we allowed bad things to happen that we will not allow the Constitution to be shredded again.


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Originally Posted by deathtozog View Post
Mr. de Nugent, I like what I have read out of you so far. I hope that you will have a great future in your cause. I also hope that you won’t be the next in a long line that have let us down.

Thanks, and here is the difference. I am a spiritual person, and I try to be absolutely honest. If I am wrong, you can tell me.

And that is why my thread went to 82,00 views on Stormfront, 23K here, 25K on ThePhora.net, 3K on vivamalta.org, and 1k on nolajbs.net

I also am the only leader in the world who actually talks about having been molested. Everyone else sweeps their scary things under the rug and presents himself as Mr. Faultfree GleamingTeeth.

Yes, I believe I really am different.

Again I am sorry about what happen to you.  At least you talk about it and are open and honest about it, which is something that I am trying to do on my blog.

One quality that is lacking in leaders today in all groups and even on a national level is being honest with oneself and being able to admit you are wrong and seek to make amends with the person you didn’t treat very well.  Some leaders will never admit that they do wrong either to themselves or to the person or people they wronged.  They seek to cover it up and be in denial that they hurt someone.

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This sort of thinking is going to be the demise of our entire movement. “He steps up to the plate.” Well, what of it? We’re all supposed to knight him or her as the next Fueher of our movement because they want to be the next Fueher of our movement? Great men step forward, yes, but they are not “self-appointed great men.” They’re great men because they’re capable of great achievements.

I don’t know much of anything about John Nugent. I have been gone from the internet (and thus the Nationalist communities) for a few years. That said, I have seen some of his speeches via youtube. The fact of the matter is (and no offense to him personally), he doesn’t inspire me. Don Black (whether you like stormfront’s face lift or not) has contributed greatly to our movement through his massive forum but he, too, doesn’t inspire me. David Duke has written some very good books and fought the good fight, yes, but he, too, doesn’t inspire me.

I’m a National Socialist. If people representing my own ideology (or ideologies similar) don’t inspire me, they aren’t going to inspire the mainstream masses.
There is a difference between a contributor to our movement and a Leader, and if I see one more keyboard warrior trying to convince me a minor Internet-Celebrity is our Messiah i’m going to vomit.

The entire history of our movement in America is one of unappealing and uninspiring leaders, from the Bund onwards. I’m not about to fall in line behind another one simply because he’s there

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Originally Posted by Rounder View Post
And forget about recruiting “normal” whites at first. Braun is honest and means well, but he’s dead wrong on this. Normal means middle class. And the bourgeois middle class ain’t never in history done shit to resist tyranny. These forums are filled with them. Go after those with little to lose – the lower income and unemployed sober “rednecks”. There are tens-of-millions of them out there, coast to coast – men, women, and youth. The middle class “Novemberlings”, the anonymous net spectators, and the rich will come later when it’s safer.

You are 100% correct. This notion of toning down the message, and appealing to the upper class is garbage. Your old group and the National Socialists in Chicago are prime examples of uniformed racialist getting the job done. We need to start putting more emphasis on recruiting from the lower class and rehabilitating many of them just like GLR did. These teenagers have no options to turn to except a degenerate lifestyle of drugs, booze, and their fucking MTV! Its not that our tactics don’t work, its that you fuckers are to lazy and chicken shit to get into the streets and wake these little shits up. We can just look at some of the people here on VNN and see how lazy you bastards are. How many of you are waiting fro these TAA to come out? I mean seriously, Its a good project and all, but people should be putting out propaganda by the hundreds per month regardless of whether or not its a TAA.

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This is a very good thread — esp. about mass movements!

I found myself under sudden attack over at SF, Henrik Holappa arrested, and his money seized and now extradition threatening, all in one week.

BTW, things may now be calling down there, with David Duke weighing in:


There has been some recent controversy surrounding the arrest of Henrik H and John de Nugent who befriended him in the United States. I think whatever actions John de Nugent took in the matter were sincerely meant to help Henrik and I think that John is completely sincere in his efforts for the European-American people.

I also think that crass and baseless allegations of sexual deviance are the lowest and most destable form of character assasination, and knowing both John and Margaret, my belief is that that they are a loving and caring couple who have a healthy and wholesome relationship.

I realize that when things are said and bantered back and forth in an internet forum, that people can say outlandish things and then both sides can escalate to a point of character assasination. I think some of this occcured on both sides in this controversy. I think some pretty awful things were insinuated against John and I think he overreacted to this Internet banter. My sincere hope is that both sides will de-escalate this pointless battle and mend fences even though I realize that such is hard to do when people have been personally vilified in the heat of battle.

This whole process started on the issue of Henrik H and got way off the important issue of his support and aid while he is held by immigration authorities. Henrik has requested and wants John’s continued help. If others want to help too, that’s fine, but I hope John de Nugent is not undermined in his efforts to help Henrik.

Official asylum application photo for HH. He was totally legal when arrested.

I pray that nothing more is said on these matters now except the actual situation and needs of Henrik. I will make no more comments on this matter and consider this unfortunate episode closed. Let’s all move on to more productive endeavors for our people!

David Duke

This was nice of David, and I hope all comrades will return to peace. WE WNs live in a pressure cooker and it can be very depressing, for we seethe at things (such as Obama and race-mixing couples) that other whites just shrug off. We need an outlet for our rage and sometimes it is each other

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Originally Posted by Rounder View Post
An activist, political, membership organization is the only way to go. 1,000 angry white men in the streets on a regular basis will stampede the masses into joining them. And if we’re unable or unwilling to recruit 1,000, then we don’t deserve to live, much less survive and procreate.

“We” being White Nationalists, yes? This Movement.

And I would really be interested to know how many we are nationwide. And I think you will find, if you look at this Movement for a while, hang around on its forums, get connected with whatever it is you are able to discover about it, that it doesn’t probably amount to more than a thousand people in the virtual space, never mind what you can get in a room, and way never mind what you can get marching in the streets.

Which is discouraging on the surface, but should tell you something about what kind of resources are dedicated to distorting and disrupting and splintering it, and keeping it from gaining traction. I really do not think, out of 200 million white people, you can only get a thousand people who are ready to talk sense in the way all of our grandfathers would have talked. — One out of every 200,000 white people has a clue what’s going on? Come on.

GoVNN-We r the Goodfellas
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Dr David Duke and hopeful president elect John de Nugent and many others are at the forefront fighting for our cause.

As the saying goes; Rome wasn’t built in a day. And so we should take it one day at a time. Folks get too worked up on the net, spread innuendos like wildfire. I know its frustrating seen our country dying. we should not let it get to us .there are other forces at work. Don’t be distracted by the naysayer. Keep the dream alive.

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I have had direct dealings with many of these would-be leaders, and I must say that they exemplify the joke that is the WN “movement.”

I think of this as a function of the now bygone “system” of non-kosher politics, where the participants were too often unmotivated losers, financial failures, paranoid headcases, and people who didn’t like Jews because they were themselves unscrupulous and didn’t like the kosher competition. From this motley assortment of drug-addicts, ex-communists, lunatics, assholes and faggots are drawn the leaders who are only such because they write well, thought to set up a forum before others, or simply because they say so! Too many of us are so desperate for some leadership–any leadership!–that we cling to these degenerates with varying degrees of loyalty.

This is a sad case indeed, since most of these figureheads of fail cannot even run their own lives, much less a political movement, much less our race out of a kike-imposed hell of servitude to races who aren’t fit to share the very air we breathe.

The good news is that this sad chapter is coming to a close as more sane leadership appears to be on the way. I won’t tell you who to follow, but I will make suggestions:

If they’re not managing their own lives well (messy divorces, living with parents, illegitimate children, non-white children, living in debt due to poor lifestyle choices, unable to hold a job, poor work-ethic, lazy/obese, drug/alcohol/gambling problems), they’re not your leader.

If they put on a bunch of makeup and announce themselves as your leader, they’re not your leader.

If they’re downright creepy, as in being a little too interested in telling you about episodes of childhood sexual abuse, they’re not your leader.

If they tell you it’s easy, that you can now repeat things done in the past for better results, or that you must wear a certain uniform or flash certain signs to legitimately resist, they’re not your leader.

But again, you may take heart as a newer generation picks up the mantle. You will know you’ve seen him when he says he wants to destroy WN as we know and hate it as an impediment to white liberation.

–not a current (regular) VNN poster, and anonymized for the sake of what little harmony that does exist.

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Default I needn’t know him


I don’t know much about John De Nugent but I needn’t know him to take a critical view of your self-important post, and to recognize that you intend both to discredit De Nugent and to put yourself forward. This is sorta funny because although you submit a list of failings attributed to unnamed men with the clear intention of besmirching De Nugent, and though you assert that a new leader waits-in-the-wings to lift the movement to new heights, you do not name said leader.

If you wish to condemn a man then do it. If you wish to recommend a man, simply do it. But if you want to insinuate against one man while teasing cryptically that you or yours are about to rise to preeminence on the white nationalist scene then spare us the immaturity. The hour grows late, the destruction surrounding us is disheartening, and we need people who are forthright and clear. If you can’t be those simple things then please return to the oversize bookroom at the public library and gaze at the picture books of the Third Reich. Let the dream take you until you’re pretending that Oggy is one of those bygone patriots. Because that’s what you’re doing when you hide half of what you would say – you’re pretending. And I’d submit that’s because if you said your peace we’d all yawn and look away.

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Originally Posted by John de Cassidy View Post

I don’t know much about John De Nugent but I needn’t know him to take a critical view of your self-important post, and to recognize that you intend both to discredit De Nugent and to put yourself forward.

One shouldn’t post while drunk.

My post is about WN so-called “leadership” in general, of which JN is a part, but only that. The post is not 100% specific to him by any means. If the post was supposed to put myself forward, wouldn’t you say that your analysis fails on the grounds of, oh, my post being written anonymously?

People who can’t think clearly are part of the problem because they choose and defend bad leaders

I found this on this thread and wanted to post it here:

from my bio page, and every word is true:

John de Nugent
(b. Providence, Rhode Island July 14, 1954) is a white nationalist, or as he writes, white “nationist” — an activist, leader, writer, radio personality and speaker.

Descended via both parents from Thomas Angell, one of the co-founders in 1636 of the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (now called “State of Rhode Island”), de Nugent grew up in his ancestral Providence, Rhode Island area. His distant ancestors were from Normandy, France.

In the wake of his parents’ divorce when he was 15 in 1970, which gave custody to his mother Constance, he was induced to join the religious group “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” and from 1970-76 was a member, serving even at their world headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Thoroughly disillusioned — especially after the sect’s broken promise of the “end of the world” in 1975 — de Nugent broke away at age 21 in 1976.

He was married to Gerda Atzl of Brandenberg, Austria from 1975-1990, having two daughters. (A second marriage, 2002-2004, to a French citizen was annulled in 2006.)

In 1976, de Nugent volunteered to join the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and after basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina he served in a Marine Reserve unit, the 35th Interrogator-Translator Team at the Washington Navy Yard (and later at the nearby Anacostia Naval Air Base), led by the Jewish captain Harvey Philip Gold. He received three meritorious promotions within approximately one year, but after his white nationist politics became known, he was nearly murdered by Dutch Marines (as confirmed by an article by the Jewish captain), and was transfered in the fall of 1979 to an all-black supply unit.

He then requested an inter-service transfer to an infantry unit of the Virginia Army National Guard, where he was named “Guardsperson of the Year” for 1980 by his commanding officer, Captain John Holt. He left the Active Reserves in 1981.

In this same year de Nugent also graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., with a 3.702 average, earning the designation magna cum laude (“with high honors”). He was also admitted to the national honor society known as Phi Beta Kappa. He had majored in German and minored in French.

“White Nationism”

John de Nugent’s career in white nationism began in 1978. He was assigned as part of his major in German at Georgetown to read some passages from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf dealing with Hitler’s views of the Jewish question. Perceiving parallels to the situation in the United States of the 1970s, de Nugent visited the Arlington, Va. headquarters of the National Socialist White People’s Party, founded in 1967 by former US Navy commander George Lincoln Rockwell (another quasi-Rhode Islander) but headed after Rockwell’s 1967 assassination by Matt Koehl, a former Marine who now directs the Wisconsin-based “The New Order.”

After some activism with the NSWPP, de Nugent met Dr. William L. Pierce in 1981, a former physicist and chairman of the National Alliance. He wrote several articles on recruiting new members for the National Alliance, spoke at the 1983 NA convention in Chicago, moderated the 1984 NA convention, and built a rapidly growing “Washington-Baltimore Unit” of the NA. He left the NA on good terms in 1984, viewing it as lacking a true religious base and an adequate number of women members.

In 1985 de Nugent worked with former West Point graduate and lawyer Gary Gallo of Maryland to raise funds for the legal defense of Bernard Goetz, the white New York subway crime victim who shot several young blacks.

In 1986 he worked with Hans Schmidt, a former member of the Waffen-SS division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler,” on a project for German heritage in Washington.

From 1987-1992 de Nugent was an independent contractor who promoted the use of revocable trusts by those who wished to leave a bequest to Liberty Lobby, a Capitol Hill-based “populist” organization founded and run by Willis Carto.

Around July 1989 de Nugent moved to Metairie, Louisiana to study the electoral victory of pro-white State Representative David Duke, staying in Louisiana until the late spring of 1990.

In June-August 1990, de Nugent, using the campaign name “Jack Nugent,” ran in the Republican primary for Congress in the Sixth District of Tennessee, south and east of Nashville, on a pro-white platform. He achieved 26.7 percent of the vote, albeit de Nugent suspects that massive elecronic vote fraud denied him an outright victory on primary day, August 10, 1990. He received extensive local publicity and references to his race were made by Time and the op-ed page of the New York Times.

From 1992-2004 de Nugent wrote occasional articles on pro-white or anti-Zionist topics for various publications, including the magazine The Barnes Review. Three of the most noteworthy were on 1) Adolf Hitler’s “Madagascar Plan” to resettle European Jewry on that huge French colonial island; 2) Kennewick Man; and 3) “The Great Patents Heist,” the Allied seizure of thousands of vital German patents after 1945.

In April 1993, he led a large demonstration against the Jewish �Holocaust� fraud at the inauguration of the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, causing both President Bill Clinton and fraudulent Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to complain about it during their speeches, claiming that his demonstration proved that Americans needed the Holocaust Museum and yet more white-guilt-trip �education.�

On April 20, 2005 de Nugent returned from the south of France to Washington, D.C. to become a major writer for The Barnes Review, and for a while was its associate editor. He also translated many articles from German and French, including his work on the translation of the memoirs of General Leon Degrelle of the Waffen-SS.

In the summer of 2006 he spoke in Barcelona, Spain, in the Spanish language, on the topic of psychopaths in politics and among the Jewish population. His audience was white nationist publisher Pedro Varela and his followers.

Book publisher Varela under arrest by Spain’s “anti-terror” police. [sic]
Who are the terrified ones? Apparently the State.

In March 2007 de Nugent spoke, in German and in Germany, to gatherings of the prominent German activists Gunter Deckert and Manfred Roeder, and met with Vincent Reynouard, the French revisionist living in Belgian political exile, and conferred with David Duke, who had become a prominent pro-white writer. In April 2007, he spoke in East Lansing, Michigan to a gathering organized by young activist Evan Thomas.

In 2007 he began posting on a discussion “thread” called “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” on an originally libertarian forum called “LibertyForum.org.” The thread grew by May 2008 to 54,000 views. In early 2008 he began posting also actively on several other pro-white fora such as ThePhora.net, Stormfront.org and eNationalist Forum.

In October 2007 de Nugent was a major speaker at the anti-Zionist conference “No More Wars for Israel” in Irvine, California, and helped secure new venues after several hotels refused to host it.

In December 2007 de Nugent was the keynote speaker at the Winterfest held by the Nationalist Coalition in Phoenix, Arizona, where he spoke to a standing ovation on race, politics, psychopaths and the ancient Solutreans who made all of today’s white Americans into the true “Native Americans.” (See the videos shot in bluish light on the right side of this website.)

In February 2008 de Nugent moved to greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an area he considered ideal for pursuing further pro-white activities. There he began preparing a possible re-entry into political life. He was joined there by other white activists, and through his writings and videos online began to become known worldwide in the pro-white community.

In October de Nugent filed as a write-in candidate for president and began running radio ads in Pennsylvania to warn against a government plot to assassinate Barack Obama and institute martial law — and to get out his positive message of economic solutions. In November he announced that he intended to be a candidate on the ballot for president in 2012, and that he intended to become recognized over time as the president of the Americans — the white American minority within the United States.

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Mr. de Nugent, your bio says that your second marriage was annulled. As I understand it, annullment in lieu of divorce is most often granted for reasons of fraud or deception (such as sexual orientation, for instance). Since some of your critics are implying that you are homosexual it would be good for you to elaborate on this.

I’m usually not one to pry into a man’s past, and it wouldn’t normally be any of my business, but you did post the information yourself. As a man who aspires to lead our people, perhaps you can put these rumors to rest by clarifying things.

Thanks, and keep up the writing. Your work and positive attitude has been motivating to me.

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Default Concede it, gentle John.

Well, John, Mr. de Nugent, I just watched a digital video of you speaking at a conference of some-kind in California. It was my introduction to you as a public figure, as an animated person, making a full display of their characteristics and intellectual temperament, and I must say I was rather disappointed. Specifically, I was disappointed by the passivity of your message and the plaintiff, even pleading style of your oratory. After each talking point your eyes seemed to roam the audience in search of approval. And when one considers that much of your philosophy depends on naming Jews as psychopaths, your passive style gave me the awkward sense that you were asking me to protect you from them.

I’m still a little in shock from the speech because the photos on your thread here on VNN show a confident and robust man. Indeed, even the small profile picture of you under your avatar shows a salty, masculine figure. Why then do you orate like a beggar? Like a therapist?

The movement needs an unrepentant leader. A man who will speak the truth plainly, even artfully, and who will tell the world what whites have lost, what they rightfully want, and how they will take it. Such a leader will declare why our views are right. He will not gently ask. He will not relate stories that recall spooky neighborhood boys who dismember frogs. Boys kill frogs, John. Boys who are scared of dying frogs are not good company on a hunt, and we are on a hunt, Mr. de Nugent – a hunt for justice, for restoration, and for freedom. If you cannot join the hunt then spare us all the embarrassment and become a chronographer of the movement, or one of its philosophers.

Linder may have shortcomings and mainstream types may be turned off by his rough language, but at least he has courage, John, unrepentant courage in speaking his truth. It is a quality that will not likely sprout fourth from you after “50” haunted years. You are not the one. Concede it, gentle John. You are an academic


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Hey, John… won’t you come to the “Patriot Action” and garner the opportunity to form an actual opinion on the man in question? In the real world? Talk is cheap. There is no substitute for reality, my friend.

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I find it irritating, tiresome and increasingly pathetic that the very people who have demonstrated themselves, time and time again, to be completely impotent and incapable of elevating this so called “movement” out of the gutter of American politics still expect us to lavish them with praise for their so called “leadership.” Don Black and David Duke have contributed to the Nationalist movement in a way that should, as of now, be appreciated, but hopefully, when all the smoke has cleared, be of little historical significance.
Why? Because if writing books, appearing on Wolf Blitzer’s television show, arguing with Phil Donahue and creating a WEBSITE FORUM are, in the end, amazing accomplishments for our mission, we’re obviously going to go absolutely nowhere.

John Nugent can’t even boast these meager accomplishments, so for him to claim the mantle of Nationalist Leadership and accuse anyone who laughs in his face as being petty or cowardly is, to me, quite comical. The fact of the matter is the Jew absolutely loves “leaders” like Nugent. They make easy targets. They aren’t capable of drawing massive crowds of support, yet are easily torn to shreds by our enemies, which leaves our public image in shreds along with him. If Nugent, with his spotty past and questionable character, really cared about the victory of our mission, he’d step aside and stop portraying himself as a savior of our people.
Were we to humor his unjustified megalomania, the media would eat him up and spit him out all over us.

Hitler did not arrive in the National Socialist party and declare himself a Messiah. The National Socialist party hoisted Hitler on its shoulders because of his talents to bring about results. His status as the Fueher came later.

That’s the order of things, Nugent. First you bring about significant results and a wave of momentum, then WE appoint you our leader for your abilities. You seem to think you appoint yourself leader, which then will give you significant results.
You’ve obviously got it completely backwards.

We are White Nationalists, Mr. Nugent, not Democrats. Your constant delivering of your own biography reeks of John Kerry style politics and makes me think, more and more, that you are consciously creating your personal history to look the part of a great leader. We know a charlatan when we see one. Your “rise” to leader of racial Nationalism is a creation of your website, your forum activity, and your own imagination.


 White Nationalism has had a lot of charlatans over the years. 



  1. 1
    Sooty Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Just want to say how much I am enjoying the site.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    I found this and I wanted to post it here because I wanted to comment on it. This was posted on VNN by John himself.

    “I am promoting the four-state region of PA, WV, KY and OH as an “Aryan Zion,” a white homeland.

    Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania — full of feisty Kelts, as well as Germanic and Slavic Americans, and gorgeous, often hilly, fertile land. This region is 85% (Pa.) to 98% (W. Va.) white.

    It is truly, truly Nordic in climate and beautiful here — and the whites here are angry, armed and rightwing people who lost ther great-paying factory jobs and resent it. It is also heavily German, Scotch-Irish and Slavic

    Not as anglophile…. No “special relationship” with Rothschild-Britain…..

    This mid-northern Appalachian area voted 90% against Obama.

    Also, they are not only anti-black but anti-Jewish, perhaps due to the many Slavs.

    I’m not making this up; I am gregarious and chat daily with the folk.

    So that is one more reason for the many, many bucolic photos….. to promote an Aryan bastion, like Utah for the Mormons, but one has to read my thread from the beginning to know that.


    If I understand you right you want PA, OH, KY, WV to be the White Homeland within the states. I have heard WN talk about the NW being their white homeland.

    I must ask you though what do you think your chances are of success?

    Yes, the people who live there are angry as I would say most Americans are angry at what is going on. We have Americans who are loosing their jobs, housing, who have no medical insurance for their families, and who have so much debt that they will never be able to pay it off because they don’t make the income to pay off the student loans, mortages, credit card debt. People are hurting and suffering in this country. That is the truth.

    What are your solutions John? You say you want to run for President and be a leader of this country. So tell us what are your solutions? Tell us why people should trust in you or your White Nationalist vision for the answer to our problems as a nation. Most White Nationalists can’t do that. They are good at blaming others, talking about what is wrong with this county, but what are the real solutions?

    I am not a White Nationalist and actually I oppose your White Nationalist message, but I do have an open mind as I am trying to find out the truth of what makes you White Nationalists tick.

    Actually I think that most White Nationalists live in la la land and not in the real world. I don’t think your movement is women friendly, but has its share of men who have no real respect for women, but you do have a few White Nationalist men who do understand and can accept a woman in a leadership position. There are a few White Nationalist men who I have come to respect because they have earned my respect. When I say few I mean 3-5 of them.

    I will say this in your favor John, at least you still live in America and unlike someone who I have met in real life, who lives in Europe now while talking like he has such a great love for America, you haven’t jumped ship.

    Oh, I don’t post on White Nationalist boards, but I do post my thoughts here and if you want to comment you are free to.

  3. 3
    Johanne Says:

    You said it, America is moving towards the left.

  4. 4
    chrisy58 Says:

    I found this post on VNN which I found interesting. I am posting it here, because I want to know the truth about this man and his intentions.

    So I do understand that you will be running for President in 2012. What is your platform? What are your solutions to the major problems this country is facing? Tell me why should we the American people vote for you as President?

    John de Nugent

    Join Date: Jul 2007
    Posts: 386


    This is the kind of supportive email I am NOW getting as a result of the abuse I am suffering — now that I have established myself as a fighter and not just a writer.

    * * *


    I happened to come across one of your posts on StormFront that linked me to your web page. I read over many of your articles and watched some of your speeches on google and youtube.

    You impress me as being a very articulate, educated, and courageous person and I commend you for being an outspoken activist for the preservation of European heritage in America and throughout the world.

    I noticed that you live near Pittsburgh as do I ([city and county provided]. I also noticed that you have plans for running for president in 2012 and would just like to say that if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

    And please notify me if you plan to have any meetings in the Pittsburgh area in the near future.

    Sincerely, William []

    I replied:

    * * *

    Dear William,

    I thank you very much!

    As you may know, all hell broke loose against me just two weeks ago, the day after I announced my book and my movement would be starting on April 11th. The next day my right-hand man was arrested and then a troll thread began vicious albeit ludicrous character defamation.

    But this means I am also impressing my enemies.

    I would like to get a phone call from you. I am starting my movement in April and judging by the Jewish assaults, the government itself seems quite concerned.

    In fact, minions at the US Senate, NASA and Immigration are all scanning both my blog and my radio shows

    Men may sing epic poems of our time. They may say our names, if we prove worthy in struggle, because the first who step forward in this very, very dark hour, in the next few months, will be the greatest heroes.

    Half the white masse are ready now and the other half will be in a few more months.

    A little hunger and desperation work wonders on Jew lovers, and $150 million bonuses for Wall Street Jews while white families starve.

    John de Nugent


  5. 5
    chrisy58 Says:

    I find it interesting as I start a thread on finding out who the real John De Nuggent is that on one of the forums I go to that fights White Nationalism has a thread talking about this very guy. They have been researching him through the years and I trust their assessment which is a big help in digging into the truth of who is this White Nationalist who thinks he is running for President in 2012?

    From reading his many writings, and believe me they are long and it is not easy reading, people say that he believes he is another Hitler. That is dangerous as we don’t want another Hitler to take power in the world.

    Others who have been fighting the White Nationalists for years believe he is very menatlly ill. That the real leaders in the Cause like Don Black, David Duke and James Kelso want nothing to do with him and are shunning him because they know that he is bad news.

    I still have a question in that if we go on the assumption that John is crazy and craves attention on himself, and everyone shuns him will he do something dangerous to bring the attention back on him and his group that he is forming? Sometimes that is the time when Mr. Narcissus will act out in a dangerous way not only to himself but to others.

    I am not ready to write him off as just a crazy loon. I still want to find out more about him and his plans are.

  6. 6
    chrisy58 Says:

    I am checking out his blog and I watched this video. It is from Oct.2008, but I found it very interesting to actually see this man in a video, as I can study his movements.

    John de Nugent – How We Will Save America!!!!!

    I find it interesting that he talks about how White Nationalists have mentally consider themselves as not part of the United States anymore. I have to wonder how many White Nationalists believe as he does that even though they live in America that they do not consider the government of the United States their government and have succeeded in their minds and heart?

    I also find it interesting that a Republican Congresswoman talked about taking up arms against the government and calling for a new Revolution. She didn’t use the exact same words as John De Nuggent, but the thought was the same. So we now have the Republican party using some of the same talking points as White Nationalists.

  7. 7
    chrisy58 Says:

    This is John’s speech at Euro 2008.

  8. 8
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    Mr. De Nugent is a paranoid, delusional nutcase, period. There is absolutely no reasoning with him.

  9. 9
    chrisy58 Says:

    I agree that John De Nugent is paranoid, dulusional and thinks he is the next Hitler. That is why to me I think he can be dangerous.

    The very fact that real leaders in White Nationalism are shunning him and someone like him needs to be in the spotlight, I just wonder what he will do to to keep the focus on him.

    I just don’t think one should write him off, but keep our eyes on him to the point of making sure that he doesn’t hurt others because he wants to think it will bring him the attention he wants.

    I may not be explaining it very well.

  10. 10
    chrisy58 Says:

    found this little post by John on his VNN thread. Thought it was interesting.

    John de Nugent
    Join Date: Jul 2007
    Posts: 403


    An individual wrote:

    John, do you anticipate the bastard sons of satan to come after you to the point where you start to get attention from the MSM, or do you think that they will try and NOT give you much attention so that more white people will not hear your message?
    I replied:

    Well, first, your language “bastard sons of satan” could discredit me. I am not just another flamer or flame-reader on a forum. Whatever we may think, our public discourse should show that we are Aryans, and that word means “noble.” So I ask you to not use such language on my thread, whatever rage you and I and all of us feel, and I ask the administrator to ensure this.

    [I further suspect this individual to be an all-out agent provocateur based on a SF thread he started maliciously asking WNs “how they felt” hearing about a white man who raped a black woman. When I and others sounded the alarm, he replied: “I just want to ferret out WNs who are violence-prone.”]

    Now, to answer your question, I think they intend to 1) harass me, 2) bankrupt me and 3) defame me very, very, very publicly so as to poison the jury pool for any indictments they are planning against me. (And they think I have no counter-strategy…..)

    I just got yesterday a tax notice from Virginia in a hand-addressed letter, demanding $13,000 in taxes going back to 1992!

    How often do YOU get a hand-addressed tax bill? BTW, they KNOW I have nothing. This is to set up a lawsuit.

    They want to keep me busy with a million harassments. And to keep me financially immobile. It was no accident they arrested HH the very day $3200 came into his acccount. That money was going to finance the trip to Boston, bring in two additional staff,and enable a mass mailing to a New England list to boost attendance at my April 11th kickoff event. Just five minutes after his first ATM withdrawal he was in leg chains, and they made a big point of specifically demanding his debit card, in fact, going through my own wallet to see if it was there! (It was not; it was in his jacket, which they took in their second visit to my car.)

    In 2001 a Jewess “googled” my name and got me fired by the Jew president of a language school in Boston for Japanese. In May 2007 the Mississippi state police terrorized my middle man to three wealthy Southerners who were going to put $100,000 into me starting a white civil rights movement preparatory to running for Congress. They had already done scientific polling in five states, and in three of them the results looked favorable – and THAT was back in spring 2007, long before Obongo became dominant and the “Greater Depression” had begun. Imagine what I could do now!

    In January 2009 they terrorized a wealthy investor who could have helped a supporter of mine. And then they seized my right-hand man less than a month ago, and all his money, some of which was a direct donation intended for me — after I had shelled out $2000 to ensure he was a perfectly legal applicant for political asylum.

    In February there was a hue and cry that I should replace Mark Weber, the “sterile mosquito” who has been slowly destroying the IHR and wasting its $250,000 A YEAR BUDGET. Then Weber began a surreptitious campaign to say I was “mentally unstable.” (Yes, you see, if an adult was molested as a child and courageously gets help and counselling, he is mentally unstable. This reminds me exactly and precisely of the constant Jewish tactic to say all WNs are insane, and also of the federal plan to not allow any returning Iraq or Afghanistan combat veterans to get a gun license who ever sought counselling for PTSD after all the atrocities over there! After all, men who hate the powerful psychopaths ruling our society must be disarmed and neutralized — especially soldiers and Marines.)

    The purpose of this Mark Weber defamation camapign was to make sure I did not become the dynamic new IHR leader, and did not access the IHR’s revenue and its potential to become a huge war machine against ZOG.

    And now I see that the website of Bradley Smith, where the great Professor Faurisson just wrote a major article “Mark Weber must resign” has been crashed!

    This attack from all angles sure is a lot of attention on one individual named John de Nugent they are calling “delusional” and a “nobody.”

    We are getting no letters from Henrik although everyone else is. His sister cannot receive our emails, except via others. She just wrote me that only one of her eight letters to him has arrived. The harassment continues of Holappa and de Nugent. Twice yesterday our car suddenly died on the road — first time ever. Last week I found my car doors ajar, first the left door one night and the right door the next night, and the battery dead from the overhead light being on most of the night. I had to have it replaced, under AAA waranty, which took time, too — a 40 minute drive one-way to the authorized dealer. (The almost brand-new battery that needed replacement yesterday had been put in on December 8 of ’08.)

    Beyond that, I expect a full-scale assault by the MSM on my character, yes, and that certain elements at Stormfront will simultaneously end their “moratorium” and by amazing coincidence, since it is “newsworthy,” repeat everything the MSM says and agree with it, since it is “newsworthy.”

    Their purpose will be to make me an object of ridicule and mockery, because they understand that what the white masses need and WNs in particular crave is a truly great white individual to lead them, a clear and magnificent vision of where we are going — becoming a TRIBE, not a loose collection of squabbling individuals with racialist opinions as now — and the practical steps to get us to powerful tribehood.

    To be blunt, I need donations and I need them now. Not in two weeks. Right now.

    Not talk of “bastard sons of satan.”

    John de Nugent
    213 Ekastown Road
    Sarver PA 16055
    You White Nationalists are always asking for people to send you money. It is we have to have it now. You guys sound like Baptist Pastors who keep on passing around the collection plate 20 times in one service. LOL

    I for one am not judging you because you had a terrible childhood. There are many of us who didn’t have the greatest childhood and some of us still suffer the effects. I wish you healing as I wish any person who has known and suffered abuse in their life to get healing and become whole. I am not even going to judge you for talking so much about it on the computer, because I for one have talked about such things on the computer too. It is a way for us to heal. I do wonder though John if you are really healing and moving forward in life or if you are stuck in the past because you focus so much about the abuse? I am trying to move forward in life and to bury the demons of my past forever so that they can not cause me to self destruct anymore, because I don’t think I deserve anything good in life.

    Saying that, I don’t think you are living in reality, but live in this dream world. It is not always easy to read through your posts, but as I am trying to find out who the real John de Nuggent is I must. My conclusion so far is that you are a man who has delusions of grandur. You seem to think that you will be President someday in America. A lot of boys grow up dreaming of being President as some little girls dream of being First Lady, but the reality is that most of us know that chances are our dreams will not come true. I am not sure if you are livng in reality and accept the fact that you most likely will not be President or even serve in Congress someday. Maybe that is why some White Nationalist think you are delusional?

    You talk about all the things that you are going to do for your race. The group you have started. How close are you really to forming this new group? People are at a point where they don’t honestly know if what leaders within White Nationalism tell them is the truth, because for years leaders have been saying all this stuff they were working on and somehow it never gets done and they feel they have been lied to again. It is always some book that they are working on and asking money for that never seems to be written, some group they are forming and need money for that never gets started, or money sent to the group used for girly calendars and other things and then being lied to about where the money came from and where the money went to.

    This may not mean anything to you, but people are tired of all the crap. People have a hard time in trusting that what is being said is the truth. You are going to have to prove that you are for real and earn their respect. You just can’t declare yourself leader and expect people to take you seriously.

    You come across as a nut. I really don’t care because I am not a White Nationalist and actually want you guys to fail. So hey, the more nuts you have declaring themselves leaders and than not delivering on the promises is good for me, who wants people to leave White Nationalism and join the fight against you guys gaining real political power in this country.

  11. 11
    chrisy58 Says:

    I found this post, and I wanted to comment here first before I post a comment on the thread this came from. It helps me get my thoughts clear before hand so that if we do have an actual debate I don’t sound like a total idiot. I posted my letter to John de Nuggent. I will post what the response is.

    This wasa part of John de Nuggent post. His real name is John Nuggent but since he wants de Nuggent I will use that.

    On another forum a comrade seconded what you said:

    Dear JdN, I was an avid reader of your brilliant thread on SF (AotP) until you left. SF seems a bit absent of faculty now, IMO. Their loss.

    Mr. de Nugent, you must know that in the days of future passed you will be remembered for your relentless, courageous and altruistic love for your people.

    The tide always turns, as everything appears to be cyclic (at least to me), and when it’s time for us to reign again, I can see a myriad of [white] people uncovering your life’s work, with astonishment. I assure you that I’m not trying to sound like a lapdog. I just feel that exceptional people need to be reminded that they are appreciated.
    Dear comrade,

    I really take this compliment seriously. I can tell you are no lapdog; there is a poise to your words.

    I can tell you a secret: the real torture of Henrik — that began with them leg-chaining him before my eyes and now the 24/7 isolation treatment they are giving him in an aisle full of howling negros and Mexicans — is torturing me almost as much. That lad was and is like a son to me. And at such moments you either crack or evolve to a higher level of will.

    You either take the tears and make them into nitroglycerin or you are beaten by life.

    This atrocity has put something into my writing and my soul that was only slumbering before. I cannot get Henrik out but I can make the Jew pay by showing Henrik as the hero he really is, and by awakening the hatred of psychopaths that is really justified now. In this way I can help prevent the same chains and horror happening to all of us.

    Some have forever discredited themselves with the repetition of vile Bill-White-type accusations against me and, by logical implication, Henrik. But out of this fire one hammered sword will emerge, then many more.

    Onward and upward, brother!

    John de Nugent
    This is my phora account. As you can see I am make it quite clear that I am not a White Nationalist. So we will see if phora is different than SF or VNN.
    Liberal/Progressive Join Date: Aug 2008
    Location: Arizona
    Posts: 4
    Current Mood:


    Dear John de Nuggent

    I do agree with you on the point that you either turn your lemons into lemonaide or you allow yourself to be beaten. I choose to make lemonaide and not just give up. I refuse to just surrender without a fight, and will keep fighting for good against the evil.

    I wonder if the reason why you and I(even though you and I are on totally opposite sides) have that fight inside of us is because we were abused as children. Maybe it made us stronger than those children who didn’t have to go through the hell that we went through. I don’t know, but as far as you getting help for the abuse, I wish you the best in that area, as I am still working on overcoming my past demons of abuse too.

    There is a code I have always lived by and that is abused children help other abused children. It doesn’t matter what political beliefs you hold or that in every other area we would be enemies, but for the one area of getting help for the sexual abuse I am hoping that you will be able to overcome as I hope that I win the battle over PTSD.

    Now, John to the rest of your post.

    Let me start by saying that I had never heard of you before the Euro 2008 and your posts appearing on the internet. I am not a White Nationalist. I actually fight White Nationalism and your message.

    I first got interested in you, when I read your posts about you running for President. Being a political person myself, my interest always is sparked when a White Nationalist says he is running for political office in this country. Since then I have been trying to find out who is the real John de Nuggent? I even have a thread on my blog called who is the real John de Nuggent.

    I know what people have told me about you, but I want to do my own research and find out myself who you really are, what you really believe and what makes you tick? I also know what it is like to be judged harshly and unfairly and so I tend to go to the other extreme of giving people the benefit of the doubt.

    Being that I used to live in Massachusetts and my roots go back to the Mayflower I take interest when any White Nationalist talks about starting a new White Nationalist group in Boston. I may not live there right now, but my heart has always been in Massachusetts and no matter how far I may roam, it is still my home. I hope someday I will be able to go home to New England.

    Being that I think the message of White Nationalism is a cancer that if allowed to take root and grow in a community will destroy the community instead of bringing the community together; than it goes to reason that I am going to fight with all I have to stop a White Nationalist group from gaining a foothold in the Boston area for them to spread their hate across the rest of the state or even the rest of New England. You see John, I believe the people of Boston do not want a new White Nationalist group in Boston, and they would join in the fight to stop your new group from forming.

    So yes, it is personal for me and that I think is one reason that inspite of everyone telling me you are a nut who is not threat to the Boston area, I want to make sure in my own mind. I have learned over the years John, that you can never leave your research of an issue to anyone else, but you must check out the facts yourself and not just trust anyone else’s word.

    So while others tell me you are a crazy nut who thinks he is the american version of Hitler and that you are a not a threat to the values we hold dear in Boston, I want to research myself and find out the truth for myself.

    I would like to ask you what are the goals of this new White Nationalist group you are starting in Boston? What vision do you see for the Boston area? Will you be a political group and focus on political change in the Boston area? Will you be a skinhead based group?

    These are just some of the questions I would like to ask you. I know that Phora is a White Nationalist board. I may be the only Liberal Progressive, but I do list that in the profile. It is my understanding that this forum is for people to have real debate and discussion of ideas. I do ask that we treat each other with respect and not attack each other. I feel that I have been respectful in tone to you and ask for the same thing in return.

    One problem I have debating White Nationalists is that they attack and not debate. That is why I tend not to debate on White Nationalist boards and place my comments on my blog and if they want to post comments on the blog they can. We will see if the posters of phora are able to discuss ideas without bashing the Liberal/Progressive that make it next to impossible to have a real disccussion of ideas on Stormfront. I am hoping that we can talk about ideas as adults who both have a common interest in what happens in New England.

    Christine Cosser
    I know there is a God and that He hates injustice. I see the storm coming and I see His hand in it. If He has a place and part for me, I am ready.

    Abraham Lincoln

  12. 12
    chrisy58 Says:

    This was John’s reply to me.
    I am honestly too busy to debate with a liberal. Sorry. Your intention is to fight my efforts. But I appreciate your honesty. I believe we start from very different premises, and I have no interest in unveiling to a foe my strategy, nor would you do the same for me.


    Dear John,

    Your answer doesn’t surprise me.

    Christine Cosser

  13. 13
    chrisy58 Says:

    I noticed on the John de Nugent thread they are talking about the shooting of police officers. A poster left this comment and I wanted to post it here.

    Senior Member

    Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 514


    This sociopath Poplawski does NOT represent me, he does not speak for the TRUE white nationalist community (that is, the true patriotic white Americans who are not infiltrated by government agent-provocateurs), and he does not represent any decent gun-owning white man in America. This human snake represents only the 4% of sociopaths that the famous Harvard expert Martha Stout described in her bestselling 2005 book The Sociopath Nex Door.

    The fact that you denounce him as a psychopath shows that your ego has gotten in the way of your empathy towards others suffering emotionally.
    This wasn’t a case where some WN went off on an ideological warpath. It was the case of a confused and emotionally immature young man with a drinking problem that put himself in a volatile situation which then escalated into tragedy.

    You above everyone else should be asking what possible abuse this man could have suffered at a young age that would have him embrace guns and impulsive violence and engage in excessive drinking. Any of that sound familiar, John?

    Once again, the David Duke dipshit comittee over at Stormfront helped to foster a young man’s ignorance of what it is to be a WN. And saddest of all is that there was no safety net set up by other white men to catch him before he fell.

    I don’t mourn the loss of three less ticket writers for Pittsburgh. They are our oppressors if they follow the law.


    John De Nugent had written a letter to Police officers across the United States and this is a response to his letter to police officers.

  14. 14
    chrisy58 Says:

    This is John de Nugent’s reply:

    John de Nugent

    Join Date: Jul 2007
    Posts: 419


    Originally Posted by kevinlanning
    I don’t mourn the loss of three less ticket writers for Pittsburgh. They are our oppressors if they follow the law.

    This punk is a Jew’s dream come true — gunnning down three police officers who came at his mother’s request!

    Administrator, I strongly object to this post by Kevin Lanning, defender of cop killers.

  15. 15
    chrisy58 Says:

    John posted this on this thread on VNN and I wanted to make a comment so I am just posting the part I want to make a comment to. His posts are quite long.

    John de Nugent writes:” John de Nugent

    Join Date: Jul 2007
    Posts: 421


    Originally Posted by Bassanio
    Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to cut back on the molestation talk.
    I understand and appreciate your advice. However, comrade, as I’ve stated, I cannot explain my life without it, and how instead of a stellar career I ended up on the margins of society. You are right about this: with the attributes and distinguished family I come from, other things being equal I could have gone far inside the Establishment.

    My family has had Kissinger over to the house, Nelson Rockefeller, and my dad’s office is plastered with hand-signed photos from Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I.

    I just cannot explain my life without saying (and only vaguely) what happened. And If I do not explain my life, I cannot be any kind of leader now. Do I think I have great potential to lead? Yes, honestly, I do and so do many others. Should a person who feels a calling to public service step forward and put his hat in the ring? Yes, of course.”

    I actually agree with you that those who do feel the calling for public service should step forward and step into the ring. Those of us who believe very strongly about wanting to make a difference for good in this world should be willing to pick up the torch of the great Americans who walked before us. I do understand your feelings of wanting to be active in the political ring.

    You are not the only one who has had to struggle in life and overcome your demons. It is my experience that all people have their own demons to overcome and their own struggles in life that they must battle through in order to move forward and achieve their goals and dreams. It is not easy, and I am still battling my demons, but one step at a time.

    It is also true that because you and I went through a hell that no one can understand unless they went through the same kind of hell. Sexual abuse of a child is the worst kind of hell and one that it takes years to heal and work through those feelings and emotions.

    We may not agree on politics. I was always a Kennedy person myself, but you and I know the pain of going through that same kind of hell. I told you before that I have always lived by the code abused kids help each other. This is the one area, that I am rooting for you to overcome and heal from as I would hope I overcome and heal from.

    The reality of the situation is that very few people can understand the pain or the feelings we feel inside. The feelings of it is my fault, or I am a bad terrible person or this wouldn’t have happen to me. I even felt I wish I was dead a few times. Feeling anger and shame at the same time. I used food for years and still do to numb myself. I was a kid, food was the only way to deal with my feelings.

    So we both come from a good bloodline and we both because of living in HELL have been under achievers. But you just have to keep fighting and not give up. I will not stop fighting to get whole and well in body, mind, and soul. People don’t understand that sexual abuse effects a child.

    I have found in my life John, that people are uncomfortable with us talking about the abuse because they then have to deal with their own feelings of not caring enough to do something about the abuse. They may also be facing the same abuse that we faced as kids, and don’t want to admit it. Thre are several reasons why people don’t want to deal with the results that the abuse on us so as we can get the help we need to move forward in life so that we can become the best we can be and live up to our potential.

    For years people didn’t understand that many abused children suffer from PTSD. I hope that is changing and that more children can get help sooner and not have to suffer all these years like we have John. I don’t want any child to live through the hell that we lived through.


  16. 16
    John de Nugent Says:

    Dear Chrisy,

    “Spock” is one of those suave, genteel subcategory of Jewish defamers with whom I have crossed swords many times on Libertyforum.org, before his fellow Jews closed the site in August 2008, in yet another Jewish p.c. blow to freedom of speech. (My thread there had 86,000 views, and obviously most viewers there did NOT think I was deranged, or they would have stopped both viewing and posting there. The only group that stopped posting there was the group of four Jewish trolls, Spock himself, Alyattes, Daisy and Jewish Warrior, after December 2007, after I had decisively bested them on many occasions by pointing out that the Jews are themselves the number-one racists, supremacists, and, in the Hollywood sense, fascist bullies and nazis of all!)

    The claim that I invented my abuse is par for the course for Spock, COINTELPRO and all that psychopathic and lying ilk that specializes in sophisticated desinformatsiya. Spock’s shtick is to be genteel and condescendingly pitying about his defamations when he spews his brand of hate.

    I suggest, Chrisy, for all that we disagree on politics and race, that you actually read my posts (just put in “John de Nugent” and “incest” and/or “sexual abuse”) and judge for yourself the ring of authenticity they have.

    To step forward and say one was molested, is, as you may well know, a very two-edged sword. The molestER does not become dysfunctional in society and as a successful economic cog by the act of his or her successful molesting (except morally and karmically). In fact, each molestation is a little triumph of their will to crush the child, as they intended, and a sicko kind of actual enhancement of their loathesome self-esteem.

    It is so often the molestEE who is dysfunctional after the devastating molestation(s).

    And most especially is this true in cases of incest, a crime against nature so vile and devastating — if your own parent(s) do not protect you but instead assault you, whom can you then trust as a little kid? — that some psychiatrists have even invented a new category, Extreme PTSD.

    (PTSD, as we know, is what many returning combat veterans contract – no matter how brave or decent – from seeing or tragically even causing, whether deliberately or not, excusably or not, some horrible suffering and death to soldiers or civilians. About 1/3 of returning Iraq combat vets have PTSD, some for years.)

    I knew well in advance, Chrisy, that if ever I stepped forward with this scandalous issue, it would be said that it was I who was the defamer, and I the evil person; that I was in fact from a perfectly respectable family – true – and that I was only blaming others wickedly and ungratefully for my own contemptible defects.

    In point of fact, I held back for 49 long years before going public, fearing that I wold be viciously defamed if I ever stepped forward, and indeed I was, and it is happening right now on your blog as well.

    And it was only after I tried every other therapy — including a ten-year waste of my time and money with wrongful diagnoses of bipolar disorder, and using meds that left me only with my hands shaking from kidney damage (and btw I was NEVER ever diagnosed with any psychotic disorder, delusion or insanity, despite the lies of Spock) — only after ten years of spinning my wheels with continuing nightmares and lack of success in life (despite a genius-level IQ and a magna cum laude from Georgetown and an excellent Marine Corps Reserve record until my politics became known), only then, Chrisy, only in the wake of constant Boston Globe coverage of the Catholic priest scandals around 2001-2002, did I finally, finally, FINALLY seek help, and yes bravely, for painful childhood sexual abuse therapy. I did not leap to this step, and I got hammered when I did.

    No diagnosis and no therapy except for childhood sexual abuse ever stopped my horrifying nightmares and PTSD that was as bad as any suffered by any returning Vietnam or Iraq/Afghanistan veteran. (My own father n had terrible nightmares after he Korean War, where he saw live Marines crucified and sexually mutilated by the North Koreans.)

    I have several ex-wives and girlfriends who all can testify to the nightmares I used to have — bedroom-demolishing scenes where I was fighting off a male bedroom attacker and throwing lamps and pillows and then counter-attacking.

    And the moment they all suddenly ended was on the day I called the Rhode Island Sexual Abuse Hotline of the United Way. I had a convulsion of grief that poured out for many minutes where I could barely get any words out.

    Now the vile thing about this Hebrew who calls himself “Spock” is his conscious lying. Let the record show that my mother, Constance Colwell Nugent, friend of pedophiles in the Providence, RI theater world, and herself part of the “artsy” and theater set on the East Side of Providence (she had studied at the Rhode Island School of Design; btw, she deceased in the 1990s), this mother of mine was confined to Butler Psychiatric Hospital in Providence, RI not once but several times in the 1960s — and was diagnosed as “violently insane.”

    I myself and my brother Todd saw her slashing at my father with a huge steak knife in the kitchen, and we remember him ordering us boys to run upstairs. Then we would see a police car drive up to our driveway in Barrington RI, on Thomas Street.

    Her psychiatrist, (“Ernie”?) Sorentino, claimed to me in 2003 that he had no diagnosis of her as a child abuser, but then again, what is the one secret that no one, such as my mother, will EVER admit to, and especially not as a conscience-free psychopath?

    To admit that one is an incestuous child-molester means not only the absolute end of all friendships, and total shunning by society, but it also means potentially years in a prison and then being attacked by the other inmates while in there. (Reason? Many serious felons were themselves abused as children. They want payback.) To be convicted, or even to admit the crime of incest means to commit the UNPARDONABLE crime, and it is the END of life as one had enjoyed it before. My mother looked evil even at age 14 in family group photos, very apart from the others even in body language, and she looked contemptuous of others in so many pictures taken of her throughout her life. Btw, she was a beautiful as well as arrogant and violent woman.

    My father even tried to call the Nugent-Colwell wedding off in the fall of 1953, but out of regard for her parents, who were very fine people and since both families were very respected old WASP New England families, he went ahead with the marriage to avoid a society-page scandal. I fault my dad for putting short-term reputations ahead of long-term happiness for all concerned.

    If you write me, Chrisy, I will seek to let you contact both therapists who treated me, one for six months (and she has a UC Berkeley PhD in psychotherapy, and was a court-appointed expert in Massachusetts on molestation) and the other, a man who for one solid year counseled me, a professional sexual abuse therapist in Wash. DC — and Jewish btw! (He was a good therapist and free, too.) At the time he seemed very ethical, caring and competent. We of course never discussed my politics.

    Unless I am now “too hot [for them] to handle,” I am sure they will both confirm that they have zero doubt that I was in fact very severely molested. In fact, the first therapist, a woman, said mine was one of the worst cases she had ever seen. They certainly also both took lots of money at the time to treat me specifically for being an “adult victim of childhood sexual abuse,” one with the classic therapy and the other with cognitive behavioral therapy. Btw, both therapies helped, as did just that one simple call to the United Way hotline.)

    I will add one thing: Molestation does not free me from the responsibility for my own flaws independent of the abuse. But what molestation does do, as you may well know, is that it shatters one’s self-esteem. It becomes much harder to fight against one’s flaws when one lacks all self-confidence. One simply no longer believes in oneself, or even that happiness and success will ever be possible. One does not believe one DESERVES either. In fact, some psychiatrists use the term “self-defeating personality syndrome” to describe many molestation victims and especially incest victims.

    I accept only my innate flaws as being my own, and I do not blame those innate flaws on my molesters.

    I take full blame for one thing beyond that: that I waited 49 years to swallow my pride — as a man — and get help for being raped. Whatever you think of my politics, Chrisy, it is a sacred thing to face oneself, accept that one is “damaged goods,” and NOT “ok,” and seek and embrace help. It is facing the moment of personal truth, no matter who caused it.

    And it is wicked when a genuine incest victim is then slandered and attacked anew, and it is ludicrous when it is done by a perfect stranger — such as the Jew Spock, whose racial animus against me as a foe of Jewish power is obvious, and whose personal animus against me reverts to my defeating him in many sharp encounters on libertyforum.org for one and all to see — except the Jews shut down the entire forum in August 2008 after over seven years of operations. If you enter http://www.google.com/search?q=libertyforum.org&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:fr:official&client=firefox-a you will see that this forum had become very antizionist and then suddenly it was no more. And that is a verifiable fact.

    Chrisy, as you must well know, every time a genuine molestation victim steps forward and then is defamed as inventing it, this discourages another adult from coming forward, and thus the cycle of molesters getting away with it with impunity continues. One of the crises that triggered my determination to seek help was a teenager molested by, I believe, the Catholic priest Father John Geoghan. He committed suicide after Cardinal Bernard Law hired detectives to “dig up dirt” on his Catholic family after they sued the Archdiocese for Geoghan’s crimes. The Archdiocese then claimed that the family just wanted to “get rich quick” by suing the “Holy Mother Church” — and yet Geoghan molested 130 boys, and not just this kid! (He was murdered in Bridgewater prison by another inmate.) I had just seen the Robin Williams indy film “One Hour Photo” as well, which indirectly is about this same topic…. I remember walking along Winthrop beach after that Boston Globe article — btw, you know that the Sulzberger family, Spock’s people, has now bankrupted our flagship New England newspaper, the Globe — and sobs just kept escaping from me. I was afraid to face what I knew I had to do. I knew that the therapy could be excruciating, and it was, in parts, and I knew that I would be defamed as a liar, and I was.

    The question for YOU, Chrisy, is will you side with the Spock people, yes the ones massacring the Gazans, the ones incontrovertibly bankrupting the world economy with their Goldman Sachs/Lehman Brothers, Alan Greenspan derivatives and their hyper-capitalism, the Monsanto agrochemicals family of Jews who are driving farmers every single day to suicide in India with their genetically modified and dangerous crops?

    Will you betray your every liberal and compassionate principle and curry favor with the molesters not just of me but of the whole human race? Will you even now join them in defaming a fellow molestation victim to whom, across all ideological lines, you should owe some elementary human solidarity?

    Whatever your reaction, and only you know the secret person of your heart (which may well decide to go with the Power and not with me on this one issue, because you KNOW the Jews are very, very powerful, as Jimmy Carter found out when Alan Dershowitz got him ostracized at the 2006 Democratic convention and even boasted about it) I will put the above post of mine directly into my book, so my time writing the above was not at all wasted.

    But my time is never wasted if you are, Chrisy58, as you seem to me to be, a sincere liberal person. I like liberals, and I am liberal myself in a few areas: the environment, sexual harassment of women, consumer product safety, giving the deserving poor a hand up, and other reasonable issues.)

    And by “sincere” liberal that I mean a person who recognizes that not just baby seals, snail darters, blacks and gays can be harmed, but yes, even we white males also suffer and need justice. If you side with Jewish power, you are betraying the lofty motives of true and conmpassionate liberalism.

  17. 17
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    Thank you for your comment. I think that it is very important that you have a chance to make your voice heard on this thread.

    John, I do understand that many times the victims of sexual abuse are the ones who are attacked, blamed for the abuse, or accused of lying. I also know that many times we are the ones who are acting out because we are the ones who the abuse is happening to, and so the abuser acts normal while we are the ones accused of being mentally ill. That is one pair of shoes that we have both walked in.

    Not to long ago I was reminded by my mom that the sexual rape that happen to me when I was a child was my fault. That my father who got so mad at me that he didn’t love me anymore. I was the child and they were the parents. Yet, it was all my fault and yet they feel that as parents that they had no responsiblity to find out why I was acting up, all they felt that I was a bad child so they didn’t have to love me anymore. What parent stops loving their child because they are mad at them? I have emotional problems as many abused people have. Maybe that is why it is so hard for me to love a man, because deep down inside I am thinking is he going to stop loving me like my dad did? Is he going to get mad at me for something that wasn’t my fault and so he is going to stop loving me too? My dad is dead so those feelings can’t be answered or worked through. I know I loved him more than he ever really loved me, because no matter what he did I always loved him. He was supposed to keep me safe and he didn’t but got mad at me and stopped loving me because I got sexually raped and then was acting out in an attempt to cry out for help. After he left my mom, I ran away until my dad would let me live with him, because my mother abused me and I wanted out of the abuse so he got so mad at me because instead of getting married he had to allow me his daughter to come and live with him. Gee, if you really love your daughter and you know she is being abused by her mother and she can’t live there do you get mad at the daughter because she has to come and live with you and you have to put your personal life on hold. I didn’t ask to be born John. Many times I wished I never was born, because neither one of my parents should have been parents. That may seem like a harsh thing to say, and people wouldn’t understand those feelings, but that is the way I feel sometimes. Maybe you too have felt those feelings at sometime in your life.

    As I have stated from the beginning, I live by the code abused kids help each other. We may not agree on the other political issues, but as far as us getting help for the effects of the abuse, the PTSD, and trying to overcome the emotional damage I am here for you. One of my goals when starting this blog is that it be a source of healing for us. Where we can talk about our past and not be harshly judged. If you are like me and many other abused kids we were the ones who were many times blamed for the acts that happen to us. IT was our fault, WE deserved what happen to us, We are mentally ill, or We are lying. I have heard all of those. PTSD is very real. It isn’t only soldiers who suffer from it, but rape victims, abuse victims, and those who have suffered tramatic events. Some of us have a hard time of moving forward past the events and we live them over and over again.

    You were brave in the way you have reached out for help and seeking professional help. I only had one person who understood what was really going on with me and was able to cut through all the lies to see the truth. HE was a social worker from MA and I will always be grateful to him for helping me. Yes, many times victims are afraid to get help because we have tried before and we failed and we don’t want to have to go through that again because people didn’t understand the truth and didn’t want to see the truth so they said “it isn’t their problem”. It takes guts to ask someone to help you and when they only scream at you it isn’t their problem without taking the time to talk to you directly and looking in your eyes as you speak to them and so therefore they only hear the lies; it leaves you more angry and feeling more hopeless than you were before you asked for help. I know I emotionally shut down and kept on saying over and over again “What am I going to do now”. It might be a very long time before the victim asks for help again if they are treated so harshly and cold when they did ask for help. I am trying to heal myself and this blog is by way of getting some of those feeling out in a somewhat safe place, because I control the comments. I wish you the best in your healing.

    As far as the political issues go, for the sake of both of our healing and working together to help each other deal with the abuse in our lives we might have to agree to disagree on many issues. The most important thing to me is that we both are able to heal from the past and move forward in life. John, I don’t know about you, but I want to heal and move forward in life. I would like to find my way out of HELL and find happiness in life.

    I am a Liberal, but I am independent in my thinking. I do not support everything on the Liberal platform as I would hope you don’t support everything in the White Nationalist platform. I am a human being and not a robot. Both the Democratic and Republican party I think in their own ways have become more extreem and many Americans like myself find ourselves not being represented by either party. I chose third party (the green party) because of their views on the environment.

    No, I do not support this high debt and continuing high debt that is continuing under President Obama. His policies so far are selling away the future of the next few generations of America who might not even be born yet. We are continuing to allow those nations who many times do not have our best interest at heart to gain more power over us because they have to loan us more money. The borrower becomes the slave of the person who lends them money. As far as President Obama continuing to pile up the amount of debt as he has and giving countries like China and Saudi Araba more power over us because we are at their mercy because we owe them so much money I think gets a F. I thought President Bush was bad with his spending, but President Obama has taken that spending to the next level. WE need to stop the spending of money we don’t have and borrowing money from other countries and start saving and paying off those debts. The American people have got to accept that the party is over and that now we have to face the hangover and stop weakening our nation by borrowing all this money from China and other foreign nations.

    Sometimes I look around and I see America on a self destructing mode. If we can’t get our spending under control and pay off the debts we owe these foreign nations than we will continue to self destruct and someday we will find ourselves as a nation weaken to the point that we have become slaves to those who those who lent us the money.

    I am very worried about the economy and I think President Obama is not on the right track and I have no faith in the treasury secretary he picked. One of the differences between me and White Nationalists is you think it only effects the White race. To me it effects every single American. White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian we are all effected by this massive spending by the government and their having to borrow massive amounts of money from foreign countries who do not have our best interest at heart. They gain in strength as we grow weaker and weaker, because we become indentured to them. I just don’t think we can turn it into a racial issue. It is an American issue that effects all of us.

    I am not saying Whites are not suffereing because we are. White families are loosing their jobs, houses, medical insurance, and all the other problems they are facing; but so are other races suffering along side of the White families.

    Instead of blaming other races or religions for our problems as White people we need to look at the real cause of the problems and that is we have a government who has been and continues their out of control spending when we don’t have the money and need to borrow more and more money from foreign nations who are looking out for their own country and will only lend as long as they are gaining something. They gain more power as we loose more power and become their indentured servents because they hold the purse strings and we are at their mercy.

    I also see where many Americans are afraid to state this truth, because they will be accused of being a Right Wing Nut. The tea parties were not just about taxes, but also about the amount of out of control spending and borrowing from foreign countries who we are becoming more and more indentured to. Yet, the media would have you believe that this was about taxes and a protest against President Obama. President Obama is part of the probelm, but so was Bush jr, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, who also couldn’t live within our means. Families have to live within a budget and so must the government. The government has been and continues to spend the future of America’s children and grandchildren.

    We say we love the children, but yet, the reality is that our government does not love them enough to reign in their spending and to start paying off the debts so that we leave them a strong nation that doesn’t owe the rest of the world money. We must stop what we are doing and change the way we look at things. President Obama promised change, but so far he has forgotten about promise. He is showing himself no different than any other politican who will say anything to get elected but once elected will continue the same failed policies as the one before him. Though President Obama with his increased spending doesn’t seem to care about the future he is leaving his own daughters and the other children who will be stuck paying off this large debt that the United States owes.

    Does this make me a traitor to the Liberal Platform? Only other Liberals could answer that question, but I would hope they would too care about the condition of this country that we are leaving the next few generations after us. I would hope they would see that I speak from my heart and the truth contained in my words.

    Will White Nationalists agree with what I have to say or will they continue to blame one group of people (the Jews) for all the problems? Only you John know the answer to that question.

    Once again I wish you the best on your journey to heal. I hope both of us can overcome our personal demons and move forward in life and can find a better life out there. I also hope that by us being willing to be so open about our past abuse that it will help others.

    Christine Cosser

  18. 18
    chrisy58 Says:

    This is John’s reply to me. For some reason it wouldn’t let him post so he emailed me. I think it is a good response so I am posting it here as he intended. I don’t know why it didn’t go through.

    Dear Chrisy58,

    It was a relief to read your response and see that I was not wrong about you at all, and that you are not a judgmental, leftist, p.c. fanatic – but what I thought you were, a SINCERE and kind liberal human and another child of God.

    As I say when I start most of my speeches (such as here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nknm_zxxX8I) Namaste, “I worship the god within you.”

    You came down to this earth to learn and grow as I did, and boy are we taking a crash course! 😉

    I am so sorry about your awful childhood. Every little girl should feel like a little, divine, beloved princess and never be traumatized, and when she grows up meet a knight in shining armor and have a nice family of her own.

    I know how my own two girls played with pony and Pegasus dolls and princess dolls, and how they craved safety, love and protection.

    Let me say one thing right up front:

    My WN views are NOT based primarily on hatred of other ethnic groups, although I make clear I think the organized Jewish lobby is very dangerous. (It might surprise you that I have had some good email back-and-forth with Noam Chomsky, btw, and also, yes, with Robert Reich. I volunteered for his 2002 campaign for governor. Yes, you read me right! 😉

    I was bending over backwards at that time to understand Jewish people and trying to believe that at least the rank-and-file Jews just want the same things we all do: to not be persecuted, but to be safe, respected and allowed to be themselves.

    I thought I could build a bridge between white nationism (this is MY word and MY concept, “nationism,” not nationALism, meaning a love of one’s own people and not blind hatred of others) and the Jewish “nationism” that I hoped might exist.

    Unfortunately it proved impossible to build any truly solid bridges, and I gave up after many, many attempts at outreach to individual Jews in New England (Mass. and RI) and even to the ADL itself.

    What attracted me to the white Cause was not the prospect of goose-stepping onto someone else’s country, but the desire to see white children safe and getting love.

    I remember seeing in an Establishment book some photos of happy Hitler Youth kids, and I mean they really were happy. This was not some staged North Korean photo op. I used to get real tears welling up in my eyes as I saw all these happy children, having good clean fun, and when I saw photos of German families being together.

    This is a pic of me as I really was as a kid:

    And this is the ideal I missed:

    One book that also had a huge impact on me was one I found in the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street in the Back Bay of Boston. Strangely, I have found it impossible to find since, but it had a title “A Year in Germany,” published around 1936, and it was by a British trade union official who visited Germany to see how the working-class people were faring under AH. They were safe, busy, appreciated, respected and felt really happy. In fact, the author said the Germans seemed to have undergone a personality change from their usual dour and reserved to joyful and just so proud of their “new” and caring Reich.

    As my article on psychopaths – http://johndenugent.com/pip.html – points out, I think w that we ALL are in a sense being molested, at least psychologically, by living in this brutal society. (I note that you used the phrase “sexually raped” and I think by that you mean that there are many kinds of rape, including that of the mind and spirit.) While Hitler died, I believe, with bad karma, he was trying in the peacetime years to do something good for safe and wholesome families. And I believe he really did succeed.

    What I am saying, Chrisy, is that my path to Germany is not a way of embracing brutality but of rejecting it utterly. And when Hitler betrayed his own ideals, his world came crashing down about him. The recent Tom Cruise movie about Count von Stauffenberg and the plot to assassinate Hitler moved me deeply. It showed quite fairly that there were many decent Germans on all sides who were in an awful dilemma. And just surrendering and letting Stalin march in and rape two million German women was no solution either.

    Let me say that my article about psychopaths is really how I see the world: altruists versus psychopaths who are in power everywhere, in the media, politics, Wall Street, entertainment, and, yes, in our own families. For me the “Power Jews” are just one of the dangerous psychopathic elements in our sick, sick, sick society.

    Or, more accurately, sickened, sickened, sickened.

    Now here is a clear example of a racist attack by a black man: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/s…st/7348982.stm

    My comment:

    This man is a pure psychopath.

    In some cases he feigns sympathy to lure a distraught white man to his apartment.

    Now what was this negro psychopath after?

    The [white male victim] managed to run away and was later found by his [female] partner curled up in a shop doorway and so distressed that he was unable to speak for five minutes.

    He was after the psychological torture and devastation.

    Now here is another case: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/lo…al-Killer.html

    And way, way down in the ninth paragraph this un-fun fact…..

    “The victims in all 30 cases under review were older white women, mostly of lower incomes and often widows living alone, Cremins said. All had been sexually assaulted and most were strangled.“

    Chrisy, the real issue is now anti-WHITE hatred, anti-WHITE genocide and anti-WHITE violence.

    It will take a lot of political courage to be that politically incorrect and say Whites are dying out and “whoever” controls the media is encouraging minorities to savagely abuse Whites.

    IN fact, I heard of an incident just a few weeks ago in nearby Butler, Pa. where black kids taunted one white girl with “Now Obama’s the president and WE got the power.”

    But as you and I both know, there are white psychopaths as well. PSYCHOPATHS are the cause of the world’s misery and they also aggravate dangerously the racial problems that any foolishly multi-racial society will always have. These psychopaths are the whole target of my book “Solutrea.

  19. 19
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    I don’t know if it is the size of your post that made the comment go through. Maybe next time split it up in two comments and see if it goes through, or if it doesn’t you can do what you did today and I will post it for you.

    I am sorry that both of us had terrible and tramatic childhoods. There are so many children who have to grow up in a war zone. I think of the children in Iraq who are growing up in a war zone. The children in Gaza too and other places around the world. Then there are children who are growing up in the war zone of their own families. I think of the son by Pat Benitar Hell is for children.

    The thing that we need to remember is that we can overcome the past. Maybe I haven’t done it yet, but I am working on it one day at a time. There are some people who will never understand our coming out of the closet and speaking out about the abuse we suffered and in some ways still suffer the effects from, because I think this topic makes people feel uncomfortable and they would rather we keep silent; but by us speaking out and shining the light on this topic we might just help a few survivors come out of the closet and seek the help they need. Plus, maybe it will also educate people to not just ignore the abuse of children, but to take an active role in helping them when they do cry out for help in their own little ways.

    John says: “What attracted me to the white Cause was not the prospect of goose-stepping onto someone else’s country, but the desire to see white children safe and getting love.”

    I think everyone in their own way, or at least I would hope they would want and desire all children to be safe and loved. You see I don’t just want “White” children to be happy, loved, and safe; I want all children.

    I try and be truly color blind and love all children. All children no matter what their race need love. All children need to know that they are beautiful in their own way and be allowed to grow and become the best they can be without living in fear. Not having to live with the fear of being abused(sexually, mentally, emotionaly, or physically).

    Just yesterday on SF a person posted and I responded when he made the comment that White people because of all they have done in the world deserve to be bred out. Those might not be his exact words, but that was the thought he was posting. I posted that if it is wrong for someone to say Africans should be bred out than it should be just as wrong for someone to say Celts should be bred out because they are a part of the White race.

    If we truly are Liberal and fight for the Human Rights of all people than we must stand up to those who have just as much hate in their hearts directed to those who happen to be White as we would stand up to those who would happen to hate someone because they were Black. If we as Liberals are going to fight for Equal rights for all Americans than we must stand up and speak out when hate is being directed toward someone just because the color of his skin is White.

    This might surprise you, but I believe the media has totally failed the American people. They have not made those in power give an account of their actions and educate and inform the American people of the truth. Instead they entertain and don’t cover the real issues that are effecting this nation. They focus on gossip and ignore the crimes that are many time being committed by those in power. We need a free press and instead of a free press we now have a corporate press. White Nationalists like to say Jewish controlled press, but as I understand it the press is controlled by large corporations who are only in it to make a profit.

    I remember Watergate. Would the press today have the courage to expose Watergate? I don’t think so. I think it the press we have today was the same press in 1972 they would have buried the story. We have newspapers closing down and where will the American public get their news? tv, talk radio, and if we are lucky the internet(where we can listen to those shows like Ring of Fire that I like or you John David Duke). I think that it is a crime that we have a media that is only in it for a profit and that news is going to be limited because large corporations are closing their news outlets.

    I have thought if I could continue my education and actually work toward getting a Bacholor’s degree I would like to major in journalism. I would like to develop my writing skills and learn how to report the news so that other Americans can be informed too. Let’s say a miracle happen and I had a way to go to school and I could graduate in journalism, would there even be a job in news out there?

    Yes, it takes courage to tell the truth when in a society people are afraid to tell the truth, because they don’t want to face the truth of what is going on in the real world.

  20. 20
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    John, are you aware that every post you make merely confirms what people are saying about your mental condition? Normal people don’t fly off the handle writing huge posts that meander from topic to topic, seemingly at random, all the while accusing people of being psychopaths, COINTELPRO, etc. These are things that schizophrenic people talk about.

    Personally John, I’m worried about what will happen to you when Henrik is finally deported and what is left of the movement totally walks away from you.

  21. 21
    chrisy58 Says:

    For some reason John is having a hard time posting a comment, yet Aslan was able to post a comment. I don’t understand why that is happening, so John we may just have to do it this way of you pm’ing me the comment and I posting it.

    John’s latest comment:

    Dear Chrisy,

    Thanks for the additional work of posting my reply. I regret that my links did not work! The one of me at around age 8 tells the whole story.


    Look at this video, esp the second part. (The voice is of that Scottish talent-show winner Susan Boyle.)

    The first part shows architectural models of how the Germans wanted Berlin to look in the future — their “dream” — and the second half is what it was like after the Bolshevik Army came through in 1945….. Look at this young woman’s expression and you have to wonder what horrible event drove her to put on army pants…..maybe taken off a dead soldier after she had been unclothed by rapists? Look at her wandering around….. God.

    I think we both can share the same emotion over the second half…..

    * * *

    Journalism, as you say, was in its heyday during Watergate – but today all newspapers are laying people off, and as you know the Boston Globe is facing bankruptcy! If they are, then imagine the smaller papers. But if you don’t mind not getting paid, you can continue blogging, and I think you have a talent there — and you are not a fanatic liberal, either, so you might get a bigger and bigger audience.

    * * *

    Btw, on the “liberal” topic, it is very significant that Hitler called his movement “national SOCIALISM’ and gave his party a red flag and red armbands. Although his methods were frankly, honestly and openly dictatorial (unlike, say Bush or Obama or their string-pullers), Hitler really cared about working-class Germans.

    And quietly, after WWII, many other countries adopted his Reich’s social and pro-family reforms, such as child support payments directly from the state (“Kindergeld” in German; virtually every European country now has Kindergeld) and loans to help young couples start a household and a family. If you had as many as four children, you did not need to repay any of the $20,000 loan. Hitler also produced lots of really nice working-class housing and that means with pretty colors, flowers everywhere, parks, etc. and his autobahns were the same way, landcaped, using natural stone and with curves built in so it was not always a straight-a-way.

    I will also throw out an interesting speculation since I can see you are into your Keltic heritage, as am I:

    Hitler was in many ways more Keltic himself than Germanic. Even his foes admit he had an artistic touch, a mystical/religious sense, a way to communicate, and he had that classic Keltic combo of the very dark hair and very blue eyes.

    Also, his native Austria was originally settled by Kelts, before the Germans, as in the Hallstatt culture. Salzburg was a Keltic town. In fact, the Kelts dominated much of Europe until the rise of Rome, and there their poetic gifts availed them naught! 😦

    Lloyd George was a Kelt, a Welshman, and ironically, in view of the link I will show you now below, he was the British leader in WWI opposite Hitler and his German comrades-in-arms when Hitler was a plain German infantry soldier in the trenches. But Lloyd George developed a huge admiration for Hitler for his social work:
    (I hope this link works!) http://tinyurl.com/o7kfr3

    Well, enough on that, for now anyway.

    * * *

    I think, Chrisy, the most important topic for you might perhaps be …. how to help adults who were sexually abused as kids and still are struggling with the issue.

    We are NOT talking about just a handful of people here. We are talking about MILLIONS of adults! And our prisons are full of these often powder-keg or self-destructive and self-defeating people with just about zero GENUINE self-esteem.

    There must be a way that victims/survivors can talk about these issues in such a way that 1) one reduces the likelihood of being mocked and discredited (now, with me, and hostile WNs, it was “if you were molested, you probably are a f– [= gay] now”), and 2) through whatever success we have with point one, that is, with victims stepping forward WITHOUT being denigrated, we thus encourage more victims to get help and to restart their lives.

    What hurts most for me is that, forgetting all the happiness I never had, the effect on my two marriages and my two kids. I meant well but I was, emotionally, damaged goods. Not the husband or father I dearly wanted to be….

    I can say that cognitive behavioral therapy really helped me. The challenge has been to do things that rebuild self-esteem. I will leave you with a thought from King Louis XIV to his son: “If you ever do anything that lessens your self-esteem, immediately do something to restore it inside yourself.”

    I must get back to my book, and certainly do not make a habit of writing on liberal blogsites ;-), but you seem different, as I say, a TRUE liberal. And whatever differences we may have, Chrisy58, we can be united on the noble cause of helping deserving adults heal and become happy again — after a childhood, no, an unsmiling unchildhood on the edge of the inner circle of hell.

    I thank you for having me on your blog.

  22. 22
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    I started this thread to find out who the real John de Nugent is and what better way than to have you post your own thoughts here. I am sorry that for some reason this blog doesn’t want to accept your posts. It aceepted Aslan so I don’t know what to think. You may just have to keep pm’ing me with your comments and I will post them for you.

    The picture that you posted tells the story of what you are going through. Instead of a boy with bright eyes you are a boy with sad eyes. You are looking down and not up.

    I watched the clip you posted. Yes, the ending of the woman is heartbreaking. From what I understand the Russians were brutal in their treatment of German women and girls with their rapes. The German people truly suffered. I would hope any person who is honest intellectly would admit that innocent German people who were not a part of the Nazi government suffered for the deeds of their government.

    My dad knew a woman from Austria who was a little girl and remembers the day Hitler walked into Austria. She said people were cheering as the clip you posted showed. Yes, he did bring jobs and the terrible depression they were living under was replaced by economic boom. I am not going to say that Hiter in the early years didn’t do any good, because he built the autoban and started VW so that average families would be able to own a car.

    At the same time we must look at the information that has come out about the concentration camps and all the people who died there. We have photos, written records, and eye witness accounts by American GI’s who saw the condition of the people in those camps. While the Russian GI’s were raping women and girls the American GI’s were doing what they could to help the German population. The German people wanted to be in the American zone because they knew they would not have to worry about the horror of being raped by the Russians.

    So I think we have to take into consideration that millions of people were murdered by the Nazi’s in concentration camps. Not just Jews, but Catholics, Liberals, and those who were found hiding Jewish people because they couldn’t be part of watching their neighbors be shipped off to concentration camps because they were of a different religion. Many Catholics/Christians who spoke out and tried to help the Jewish people shared the same fate. I remember reading about their stories and so I know it is true that there was violence committed against Jews and those Catholics/Christians who because of their faith could not stand by and just allow what was happening to the Jews to happen.

    Last night on tv they had the movie Anne Frank. I watched parts of it. I know many White Nationalists don’t believe it is true, but I believe that there was a girl name Anne Frank and she died in a concentration camp. I believe she was in hiding and that she wrote a journal of her thoughts. All movies tend to twist fact with fiction so was her life exactly like the movie I would say no, but at the same time I think the movie captured the spirit of who she was a girl and young women.

    One of the parts of her journal that moved me the most was that she said inspite of everything she believed the people were good at heart. Very powerful words. I try and believe that too. She dreamed of being a journalist and loved to write, so I would assume that she had the kind of mind who was always looking at why things were happening, What caused theings to happen the way they were, or who is the real person behind their mask that they wear for the outside world.

    I understood she died of disease and didn’t die in the ovens. Yet, the sad thing is that if the Jews weren’t forced into this concentration camps and could have continued the lifes they were leading in the community. She was living in Holland and if her life could have continued as it had without having to be forced into hiding and then being seperated from her family except her sister than she might have grown up to a women who with her talent for writing become a famous journalist. Though with her journal being read by children around the world she is making a difference and her words are being read. She would have liked that.

    I am not a fan of President Bush. I know President Bush didn’t really care about the working man and women in this country. He has an F———- for his work on the environment. With his approving Mountaintop Removal Mining he had very little love for the national treasures that these mountains are to the History of our nation.

    President Obama has done some thing good for the environment but also he has kept some of the policies of the Bush Administration like lifting the ban on protecting the Gray Wolf. Though I believe the environmental groups will be fighting the lifting of this ban.

    Does President Obama care about the working man and women? Still deciding on that one, but he doesn’t seem to care about the debt that we are leaving the next couple generations of Americans. He continues to borrow money from foreign nations which continues to make us weak and those nations who hold the purse strings strong. So in the long run does he care about the working man and woman who because of this economic self destruction is not being able to find a job or they are forced working jobs that don’t pay enough to live on.

    Alot of Liberals are not all that happy so far with the performance of President Obama. Most I would say have mixed reviews. Of course you will always have a few who no matter what he does will refuse to stand up and say what they really feel because they are afraid to speak their true feelings.

    You are right it isn’t just a few kids who were abused it is millions. You are right that many of us suffer low self-esteem and tend to self-destruct because we have been told so many times that we are stupid, ugly, bad, and if something good starts to come our way we don’t think we deserve it so we find a way to destroy the good that would come our way. I am still working on those issues today and I am 51 years old.

    I don’t want children John to grow up like we did in a war zone. I don’t want children to grow up knowing the pain that we knew. I have one tatoo and it is a red rose with a dager. The red rose represents love and the dager is the pain that goes along with love. Love and pain go hand in hand. Love and pain shouldn’t go together Love should be a feeling of joy, feeling safe to be yourself and knowing that person will still love you, it should be unconditional love. Pain should have no part of the equation, but to many of us love and pain were the same.

    You are right there must be a way for us to be able to talk about our feelings without being mocked or accused of lying, because others aren’t tought enough to deal with the effects of abuse. I am hoping this blog will become such a place. That it can be a source of healing and I hope as I complete my journey to emotional healing that it will inspire others to start that journey to a better life.

    I know the feeling of feeling like you are emotionally damaged goods. I have to believe we can overcome and that we can emotionally heal. Others have overcome abuse and went on to live good and productive lives. If they can do it, we can too. We must not stop trying.

    As you say inspite of any political differences we have we still need to encourage each other in overcoming the abuse and moving into a better future. That has always been my code. Abused kids help other abused kids.


  23. 23
    chrisy58 Says:

    I did check all the settings and it does allow comments so I don’t know why John you are having a hard time. Maybe it is your size of comment. I really don’t know.

    This is a post from John:

    Dear Chrisy,

    Let me just add this addendum to that post:

    The key to avoiding the defamatory charge of “inventing the abuse” or at least to minimizing its crediblity is to say: “I do not blame all my flaws on the abuse. But it did take a sledgehammer to my self-esteem and belief in myself, and that worsened the flaws I already had. Anything that savages our self-confidence cripples our efforts at self-improvement. I know it did that to me, and no self-help book ever got me out of the pit of despair that I could ever amount to anything. As late as 2002, I was living in a rooming house and ‘from hand-to-mouth,’ and I believed somehow this was how I was meant to live. I was meant to be miserable. I had bought into the molester’s worst rape of all, the rape of my spirit.”


  24. 24
    chrisy58 Says:

    I do understand your feelings. I share some of those. The not thinking you deserve anything good in life so you self destruct. Do you ever think you want to die? Sometimes I pray to Jesus to take me, because life seems so unbearable at times. I think nothing good is ever going to happen to me and I am always going to be stuck in this place. That there is no way out of the hell I am living in.

    I would never hurt myself, and I am a very happy person, but it is just sometimes when my mom and I are not getting along very well, I wish I had never been born or that Jesus would take me so I didn’t have to live this way anymore.

    The thing is John, that we have to keep the hope that something good is going to happen in our lives, that we one day will be free. I know it is hard to do, but we must keep on fighting and never allow ourselves to give up that hope. I refuse to give up the hope that someday the truth will come out and people will finally understand me.

    There is a reason John why God brought us into the world in the time he did. We may not know that reason now, but we have a destiny. We just haven’t found our place yet in the world.

  25. 25
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    John, if your posts weren’t so goddamned long, maybe they would work better. Have you ever considered addressing the points people direct toward you, instead of going off on tangents?

  26. 26
    John de Nugent Says:

    Dear Chrisy,

    I am trying to post using Internet Explorer….

  27. 27
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,
    Your test worked and your comment came through.


  28. 28
    chrisy58 Says:

    This pm came from John and I am posting it here.

    Dear Chrisy,

    I am game to do something like this, and think it might be a good thing. The only problem right now is that I must finish my long-heralded book.

    In case you believe in astrology, I have a stellium of five planets in Cancer (born 7/14/54, Providence), I also have Scorpio and Capricorn, though — I want enough power to change the world.

    My world view is formed not just by the study of psychopathology but also by taoism. I believe the Democrats are in effect the “yin” party and the Republicans the “yang” party and both are absolutely vital — or rather they WOULD be if both had not sold out to the neo-cons.

    I heard a comedian on I think NPR (yes, I donated to NPR and for $130 I got an “All Things Considered” sweathshirt, such a deal ) and he was saying (this was before the 2004 election): “The Democrats are like your mom; she’ll love you and forgive you anything, no matter what. The Republicans are like your father; they’re the crackdown party: When he gets home, he’s gonna kick your —–.”

    This taoist view does not, however, mean I have a “moderation” fetish or always preach “middle-of-the-roadism”…. I believe that sometimes the solution can and should be very yin, compassionate, sharing and respectful (such as in dealing with genuine abuse victims), and sometimes it really has to be very yang in this rough world we live in, such as during a home invasion by three armed rapists! Somebody’s going to get hurt and it might as well not be the innocent!

    In each situation, and with each social issue, we need to dole out the right amount of yin and yang, i.e., the right amount of liberal and the right amount of conservative, the right amount of leftwing and rightwing energies.

    Sinice this is my world view, you will find that I respect all true liberals, and to the extent time allows I will answer you and your friends honestly and with appreciation, and even at times in full or partial agreement!

    I do have my radar out for time-wasters, but other than those, I am interested in trying a dialogue.

    My overall view is that Whites will in fact become a very, very physically and numerically endangered minority in the USA, just as they became one in South Africa and the former Rhodesia, and that they will be literally killed. Estimates are that 50,000 Whites have died in South Africa of violence since the end of apartheid. And under black rule, RSA now leads the world in AIDS, murder and rape.

    What is then true compassion? Let us post practical compassion as the base for our discussions.

    You can post the above if you want, Chrisy.



    PS I must run but please zap any typos. So far so good!


  29. 29
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    I am not the best speller in the world but I did find one and corrected it for you, lol.

    I don’t know much about taoism. A dear Pagan friend that used to live here in AZ would invite me to go to her Pagan meetings once a month, but I don’t remember us talking about taoism. I will email her and ask her what she knows about it as she is pretty good about answering my questions on the different religions.

    I am Catholic. I haven’t always been the best Catholic, but I do try. I went to confession and mass tonight which was nice. Even though I support my Pagan friend and have always been intestered in what she believed I could never forget my Catholic faith. I guess I am actually pretty traditonal when it comes down to it. I have always loved the traditions of my church. My spirituality is built by praying my rosary and chaplet of Divine mercy once a day and reading the daily reading in mass. I need to do a better job of attending mass, and I am working on that. I find it easier to be more faithful when I go Saturday Night.

    It is important that you finish your book. You must have people depending on you, so you wouldn’t want to let them down.

    I am actually glad you decided to post on this thread.


  30. 30

    Dear Chrisy,

    I think the Catholic Church is a perfectly legitimate way to approach God.

    I must say that I object to WN trolls such as this “Aslan” following me around from forum to forum to spew personal insults and hatred.

    Aslan, if you believe even half of the now twelve different defamations which COINTELPRO is viciously circulating against me – , by just an AMAZING coincidence it began on the very same day Henrik Holappa was arrested and serious money came into his account for him and for me;-) – , vile character defamations launched by COINTELPRO in the full awareness that psychopathic hatemongers will eagerly devour them and repeat them with wicked delectation, then just do not read my posts, Aslan. It’s that simple.

    To you, Aslan, I’m a meandering, megalomanic, pitiful, sad, narcissistic failure. That is what you at least purport to believe – so I invite you to stop your evident fascination with me, stop wasting your time reading my pitiful meanderings, and stop wasting my own time and that of the readers of Christy’s blog telling me how worthless and insane I am. They can judge that for themselves. As for me, I am committed to my values, to my chosen path and to my career, and I will persist in them unto death. Now since my thread on Stormfront just passed 100,000 views and views are soaring on every other forum where I post, your posts claiming mine are substandard is a minority one.

    I am busy with my book and have no more time for “desinformatsiya” by COINTELPRO operatives or their dupes, and you are in my opinion, as a veteran of such things, either the one or the other.

    I lost all respect for many of my critics when the homosexual allegations began, spewed by vicious people who know me personally to be as “straight” and as attracted to women (and only women) as they come. That deliberate lying can only be COINTELPRO. And my critics’ utter lack of gentlemanliness when I have disproved each slander in turn – never do they retract, never do they apologize, but they rather segué to a new unfounded allegation – showed me their psychopathic insincerity.

    And in my book I intend to lacerate you and all your psychopathic, slanderous ilk to the very marrow, and make the human race hate your vicious and irremediable nature as the sociopaths and cowards that you are.

    Beyond that, I am here on this blog for a dialogue with CHRISY, not with a hate-fulled intruder such as you. And I will decide what I write, Aslan, not you. Start your own blog, thread or forum and spew hatred about me to as many as will read it.

    Chrisy can decide what steps she will take. But I will not engage in any more troll debates until my book is finished. Then the major media and I will go at it. Laugh while you can.

    Dear Chrisy,

    I want you to know that I wrote for twenty minutes a careful post about suicidal thoughts and the misery that abuse victims experience, and all of a sudden, even using Internet Explorer now as the browser while posting it, the entire post just disappeared, and with it much time, heart and effort. The fact that I am now retyping it is a token of my commitment to the issues we have discussed, Chrisy58, and of my concern for you and my sincere alarm at the seemingly semi-suicidal feelings of which you wrote, i.e. wishing Jesus would take you.

    (Sigh… ugh…. rewriting the whole thing….It seemed so good the first time, now it feels a bit stale…)

    In case you do not know this, in 2005 I made a very serious and very male, very former-Marine attempt to kill myself in 2005, not one of those girly ”cries for help.” I still have the scar (see below) after I used a five-inch, serrated hunting knife to slash my left wrist so I would bleed to death. (But like most people I did not know that only a special lengthwise cut will achieve this, not slashing across the wrist. The veins are just not easy to find. The cutting was painful once I got below the skin, and all it did was harm my hand/wrist tendons, which bled for a year after that when I did arm exercises lifting weights.)

    [b]Just as my father suffered terribly at the battle of Iwo Jima – he gave me the commemorative lamp in the background – I too found that life can conceal almost overwhelming horrors. The recent Clint Eastwood film about Iwo Jima, “Flag of Our Fathers,” had scenes that shook my dad up so much – over 60 years later – that my stepmother almost tried to force him to leave the movie theater. In the lower third of the photograph you can see the scars, which I have deliberately not shown too clearly. It is not pretty, but one gets the idea. You have to be pretty much be in full-time and unrelieved psychological pain to get to this horrid point.[/b]

    I’d like to make four points about being at the point of misery and utter world-weariness.

    First, I believe this is a karmic planet. We have volunteered to come here, not to an easy place, but to a trial-by-fire world. With all the dangers and temptations, this is a planet where you can get sucked down – or you can overcome your baser desires, which include wallowing in our own genuine misery, and focusing on our own pain more than that of the world. We can let someone else clip our wings or we can spread them and soar skyward.

    One thing I have learned in my 54 years is that while we think we are the only ones with lots of pain, and we see everyone else bustling down the street, oh-so-busy and purposeful, they too are bearing their cross. This one driving by in her BMW actually has breast cancer, or a sister who has it. That one batting a tennis ball back and forth on a tennis court and looking happy is in the throes of a vicious divorce. The jogger running by has a son on drugs, and the happy-go-lucky bus driver is about to lose his home — taken by a hospital, yes, for an unpaid, huge operation bill. That woman cannot have kids; this man is in daily pain from a long fall from a ladder onto concrete. This boy has a dad with PTSD from Iraq; that girl has a very creepy stepfather and acts withdrawn…..(I remember one such girl when I taught at Coventry High School in Rhode Island, who would sometimes lay her head on her desk and cry. But I could never get her to open up….although I succeeded with some other troubled kids)

    This is a Wild West planet, but if you are a brave pioneer on this moral frontier, you can really advance.

    No pain, no gain. No pain means there will be no gain for your character, your destiny as a higher being. The greater the pain, they more we develop endurance, patience and insight.

    I believe there are other worlds that are easier. But we came to this one. This is our choice.

    Here (see just the first 20%, before the David Duke picture) is my discussion of the film “Defending Your Life”: http://www.vnnforum.com/showpost.php?p=984847&postcount=783

    I really love the video below and its words. The fact that this song was a huge hit tells me something.

    YouTube – When The Eagles Cry( what a wonderful world Part II)

    “Up Where We Belong” is a song from the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman. With music by German-American Jack Nitzscheand Canadian Buffy Sainte-Marie, and lyrics by Will Jennings, it is memorably performed here by the working-class Englishman Joe Cocker and by the Seattle singer Jennifer Warnes, it went “platinum’ with two million sales and was the top song on Billboard for three weeks in 1982. Clearly, the message is very powerful. It reaches people, and we need to reach people. The words are by Jennings; legend has, says Wikipedia, “that he got his big break while playing his “last gig” in Nashville. A starving songwriter, ready to go back to Texas, he was trying to auction his PA system when a member of the audience who worked for EMI approached him with an offer.” He went on to win an Academy Award and many other high honors. 

    Here is the whole text:

    Up Where We Belong 

    Who knows what tomorrow brings
    In a world few hearts survive?
    All I know is the way I feel.
    When it’s real, I keep it alive.
    The road is long, 
    there are mountains in our way,
    But we climb a step every day.

    Love, lift us up where we belong,
    Where the eagles cry
    On a mountain high.
    Love, lift us up where we belong,
    Far from the world below,
    Up where the clear winds blow. 

    Some hang on to “used to be,”
    Live their lives looking behind.
    All we have is here and now,
    All our life, out there to find.
    The road is long, 
    there are mountains 
    in our way,
    But we climb a step every day.

    Love, lift us up where we belong,
    Where the eagles cry
    On a mountain high.
    Love, lift us up where we belong,
    Far from the world we know,
    Where the clear winds blow. . . 

    Time goes by, 
    no time to cry,
    life’s you and I,
    Alive today!

    Love, lift us up where we belong, 
    where the eagles cry
    On a mountain high.
    Love, lift us up where we belong,
    far from the world we know, 
    where the clear winds blow. . . .

    The next point is about the need to forget. Here is a wonderful Irish poem:

    Always remember to forget
    The things that made you sad.
    But never forget to remember
    The things that made you glad.

    Always remember to forget
    The friends that proved untrue.
    But never forget to remember
    Those that have stuck by you.

    Always remember to forget
    The troubles that passed away.
    But never forget to remember
    The blessings that come each day.

    Of course, this requires a conscious and diligent daily effort, an effort to break a lifelong habit of dwelling on the tragedies. It means “stop and smell the roses, and that’s an ORDER!” 😉

    Third, for memories that go deeper, for scars that will not heal down there, there is nothing like therapy, therapy with a simpatico, competent and caring person.

    Fourthly and finally, I have recovered by throwing myself into a cause I think is giving, noble and heroic. It certainly is no picnic, as the arrest and soon the deportation and banning of Henrik Holappa has shown. He was ripped right from our home and put in solitary. Many of my friends are now in prison for their writings all across Europe – Sylvia Stolz, Horst Mahler (13 years!), and one is a fugitive, Vincent Reynouard, with seven children living on the edge due to state persecution. (It is a felony in Europe to disprove the claim that six million Jews died in WWII, and judges as with Judge Meinerzhagen in Germany, say openly that the facts are unimportant.)

    But through any worthy cause, one learns to focus on the suffering and struggles of the world and others and not one’s own grief and troubles.

    And as Jesus said, it is in giving that we are blessed, not in receiving.

    By doing all four steps, Chrisy, I think you may find, as I did, that you can embrace the truly arduous trial called life and you can determine to lead a heroic life. Heroism comes only from the suffering and the overcoming, and the supreme caring for others.

  31. 31
    chrisy58 Says:

    Thank you John for your comments. I will think about what you said.


  32. 32
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    John, is it too difficult for you to maintain an adult dialogue, focusing on a particular topic and addressing only the questions and points raised in the course of said dialogue? If you cannot do this, then you can at least be assured that you will never be any kind of a leader. The least anyone expects of any leader is coherency.

    John, some of your detractors just hate you, and like toying with you. Others pity you, and wish for you to get help. They feel sorry that you put yourself out there, ranting with no shame, all the while doing nothing other than making yourself target for the others’ ridicule.

    Get help while you still have some good years left.

  33. 33
    John de Nugent Says:

    I got help, but you do not read plain English — 18 months of professional therapy by two highly respected experts, one a Berkeley PhD and court-appointed expert in Massachusetts.

    And you and your faux-sincere troll advice are no help whatsoever. It is ridiculers like you who prevent victims from ever getting help, telling their story, and healing.

    The delusion is YOURS — that you will deter me from my public mission. I derive increased energy from attacks by trolls, and I transmute that anger — which the Henrik Holappa arrest also increased — to a new boldness to step forth and shout my message about the psychopathocracy to the world. And by psychopath I mean defamers, ridiculers and cowardly trolls such as yourself.


  34. 34
    chrisy58 Says:

    I had posted this in a Pm to John and I thought I would post it here. It might just help someone who feels misunderstood and misjudged to know that others have gone through this. It might help the schools realize that many times they have failed their student who is suffering from emotional problems because of abuse, to understand that many times when a student is acting out they are crying for help, but they can’t talk about what is going on so they have to get the feelings out some way.

    I do believe there is healing out there. We must take it one step at a time and just continue to fight to overcome our personal demons. Everyone in the world has something in their past that they must overcome, so don’t ever feel like you are the only person who has to overcome the odds to achieve the victory. The victory can still be ours.

    Dear John,

    I have found over the years that many times it is the person who is abused that is not believed because we are acting out our anger and frustration. The abuser appears to be normal to the world, while we the abused child is out of control and wild. If one only looks at the outside, it is easy to write us off as wild and bad kids. They don’t take the time to search for the truth. I think all of us fight against people NOT believing us and people believing the lies of the abuser.

    I had some terrible things happen to me at school. They added to the abuse and made me suffer more, but I tell myself that back then John the schools didn’t understand child abuse. They only looked at the outside and saw us as out of control, wild, and bad kids instead of realising that our out of control behavior was our way of crying out for help because we couldn’t verbalize what was happening to us.

    We must find a way to move pass all this. We must find a way to find peace. It isn’t easy. I have found in life that people don’t want to hear about it. If we talk about it to much it makes them feel uncomfortable and they start to back away from us. They can’t handle the truth. It is best to mention it and if they want to ask me questions they can and I will talk about it, but I don’t talk about it all the time. We take things one step at a time.

    First we crawl and then we pick ourselves up and start to walk. Sometimes we might fall, but we try again until we are walking and then even running. I have a hard time opening up and trusting men because of my past. A guy who is interested in me has to break down a lot of walls. He has to earn my trust and respect. Not every guy is strong enough to handle me, because I am going to be testing him to see if he is tough enough to handle me and my past.

    We are in our 50’s. We sill have some future ahead of us. I don’t want us to be 80 years old and still in the same place we are now. We deserve to find some happiness in life.


  35. 35
    chrisy58 Says:

    This is John’s Pm to me.

    Dear Chrisy,

    Yes to all you wrote above.

    August Bullock wrote a brilliant book about subliminal advertizing. Here is a Youtube video about some of his ideas about the misuse of the unconscious mind m by advertizers

    One of the many things I learned from Bullock was that people have a built-in “horror filter” that, to preserve their mood and sanity, blocks out anything that is overwhelmingly horrible.

    In the video I sent you which contains the young German woman wandering around in a daze, unless she was subsequently murdered or killed herself, then somehow this young gal probably went on with her life.

    How do we do that?

    By forgetting. At least CONSCIOUSLY.

    And other people block out the accounts of rape, molestation and incest that we tell — as a measure of sometimes heartlessness, but often it is elementary self-protection. After all, they have their own cross to bear.

    Since ancient times, humans have witnessed and experienced horrific things, and the “horror filter” prevents these scarring events — and their memories, the ways they continue to live on — from taking over our lives, or the lives of those who meet or especially know us.

    People who are not therapists or molestation victims, I have found, are usually a waste of time to tell about our childhoods. They can know we were molested, and that it really affected us, but that is all they want to know, if that.

    What the public wants from us victims is to GET HELP AND STRAIGHTEN OUT. They all have their own burdens, and they see us as emotional sinks, drains, succubi.

    And they fear we might still not be “right in the head.” (What a laugh that is — as if the vast majority of people today did not have skeletons and issues in their own closet! My God, look at George Bush! Is he “successful” because he served two terms as president and we did not?)

    I think the only way to come out ahead is for molestation victims to in fact to get that help and get straightened out — and then people do not shun or mock us but instead admire those of us who have overcome gigantic obstacles.

    I think the recent heroic reception accorded that plain-looking Scottish woman Susan Boyle for her rendition of “I dreamed a dream”

    shows the public wants, not a sob story (boy, are they tired of all the victim stories), these stories they fear will make them even more depressed than they already are, but instead they want to hear a tale of overcoming, triumph and victory. THEN we, the one-time victims and now the victors over the tragedies of life, are embraced by them.

    Because WE have given THEM hope. For THEIR battles.

    I just saw the latest “Star Trek” movie — because it is such a hit and I am always interested in the public.

    In the last scene, the whole crew is overjoyed and display beautiful smiles. They have a great new leader who has just convincingly proved himself, won their total confidence, and has just led them all to not just survival but victory.

    That is what they want from us, Chrisy58, — a tale of victory that will inspire THEM.

    That is what Joseph Campbell called “the journey of the hero.”

  36. 36
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    I will reply to you here as I think you are able to comment here. If you find you are not able to comment we can go back to you pm’ing me and I will post your pm here.

    I haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet. I would like to, as I have watched all the Star Trek shows over the years. Remember the first one. I used to like Lost in Space too. Then there was the Next Generation and then Deep space 9. When I was living in SC I watched all those shows.

    That is why I always try to give people hope when I write. That the victory is ahead and we can overcome. Even when the battle before us looks bleak and the outcome uncertain we must keep on fighting and never give up the hope that victory is before us.

    I hope that other abused people will read the honest exchange between two abused kids who have struggled so much during the past years but who are working hard to overcome the hurt of their past and are continuing to work toward the day when we have total victory over the darkness.


  37. 37
    John de Nugent Says:

    Dear Chrisy,

    Good post. I respect your courage to say all these things and to insist on victory.

    For me, “total” victory will be not just effective therapy, being accepted, and personal growth, but TOTAL victory will be only when we have a government that mercilessly tracks down the psychopaths that are still out there and molesting kids even as I write these words.

    To rape the little child or teen in his/her mind, body and spirit is the most reprehensible, psychopathic thing imaginable.

    And these kids have such a hard time ever living up to their potential, and they create a social burden — of confused, angry and wayward, messed-up kids, be they ourselves, or friends or relatives — that affects us all.

    The molester molests us ALL.

  38. 38
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    No John, you’re the one with the delusions. You are not a leader, and you never will be. The conspiracies against you are delusions. Once you realize that, you will be far happier.

  39. 39
    John de Nugent Says:

    Yes, Aslan, I merely IMAGINED Henrik Holappa, my righthand man, was arrested by three cops in three squad cars, chained like a dog and driven to two months in solitary. I merely imagined that I was then accused in a multi-forum campaign starting the next day of being a pedophile — and eleven other rotating defamations.

    I would like to imagine, actually, a world without psychopaths such as you. And I will work for that world.

  40. 40
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    You did nearly imagine that Jorg Haider and Henrik’s “girlfriend” were killed as part of a conspiracy, and that you would be killed the same way.

  41. 41
    chrisy58 Says:

    John is having trouble posting his comments again so he pm me and asked me to post his response to Aslan here.

    Dear Chrisy,

    Now all three browsers I use, Firefox, IE and Google Chrome gave me “discarded’ when I tried to post the below in answer to Aslan (and please post):

    * * *

    “Girlfriend” in quotation marks. …Just say it, troll: you defame Henrik and me as homosexuals….. No more insinuations. State: “I am a defaming troll who vomits homosexual allegations at people I hate.”

    And then go read about yourself here:


    Henrik’s recent female friend, Ingrid, drove 172 miles btw yesterday to see him in prison, along with my fiancee Margaret (also doubtless an undercover lesbian, but not under the covers LOL) and Major Bill Fox (17-year Marine officer but likely also gay).

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave, Aslan, when first we practice to deceive…..


  42. 42
    John de Nugent Says:

    I’d like to add this:

    I read M. Scot Peck’s great “The Road Less Traveled,” which was a NY Times bestseller in the 1980s for about six straight years!

    Now he has a new book out:

    People of the Lie
    The Hope for Healing Human Evil
    M. Scott Peck
    From an Amazon commenter…

    If you have ever experienced or been frustrated by people who seem to have a hidden agenda, then you will enjoy and benefit from this book. The author states (some are paraphrased) and explains the following:
    1. The evil hide their motives with lies.
    2. Evil people want to appear to be good.
    3. When confronted by evil, the wisest and most secure adult will usually experience confusion.
    4. Evil seeks to discourage others to think for themselves (fosters dependency).
    5. To oppose evil we must have an ongoing dedication to reality at all cost.

    A commenter wrote:

    I agree that to be mentally healthy we must believe what is true and only what is true. After reading this book you will be better equipped to deal with people who cause strife and confusion. It will also help you identify thought patterns where you are lying to yourself.

  43. 43
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    Actually John, as I see you are again ducking the point- the point of putting “girlfriend” in quotes is that from your words, Henrik was not in a real relationship with this girl. That’s all it means. Just because he is not in a relationship with that particular girl does not mean he is automatically gay, and in a relationship with you. For example, I am not in a relationship with many of the girls I occasionally go out with, but I don’t call them “girlfriend”, and that certainly doesn’t mean I am in a relationship with you.

  44. 44
    Larry Henderson Says:

    After the recent news events surrounding the shootings at the Holocost Center in DC, I heard a few interviews of John de Nugent. His comments seemed reasonable so I did a little search, trying to learn more about him, and came across this page.

    After further research I have found that his new proposed national headquarters north of Pittsburgh (Freeport-Sarver area) is now abandoned with a ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard.

    Can anyone tell me how to get ahold of Mr. de Nugent?

  45. 45
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear Larry,

    I do know that John De Nugent does post at a site called Phora. I will pass on your message to John De Nugent. Before I pass it one do you want me to include an email address where he can contact you.

    If you want to leave your email address where he can reach you. I will not post the comment, but just pass the email on to John.


  46. 46
    John de Nugent Says:

    Dear Larry Henderson,

    Well — LOL — you wrote “After further research I have found that his new proposed national headquarters north of Pittsburgh (Freeport-Sarver area) is now abandoned with a ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard.”

    Uh, I am sitting in ths house right now and typing this post to you.;-) The house is for sale — we are renting it and may yet buy it ourselves if the price comes down — or we will get another location very near by.

    I believe my comments are indeed reasonable and that my path means a truly moderate form of white pride that does not attack other races as long as they leave us unmolested and do not invade our living areas. It means a world where white liberals can do their own thing and race-mix or run gay-pride parades all they way in whatever areas vote to keep the current status quo.

    I am not Nazi, Klan, white supremacist or any of those past things, although I object to unfair demonizing and bashing of those groups if based on lies or exaggerations.

    I grew up in the 1960s like so many of us and I have always had good relations with many blacks, I have been good friends with individuals Jews and some of my best friends have been Japanese.

    I consider homosexuality to be an unfortunate defect and reject all hatred of “gays.” I have always had gay friends, while feeling sorry for their afliction. As a person who underwent molestation as a kid, I consider myself a compassionate person, except toward true sociopaths.

    What I stand for as a Solutrean is a Hegelian synthesis of many currents, a new paradigm for whites who want to live and let live, and insist on mutual respect, not a one-way street toward other races.

    I was indeed all over the media yesterday and my mission is to work with Barack Obama on one point: to prevent any more James von Brunn incidents by alleviating the fear very very many Whites have toward him and his government.

  47. 47
    chrisy58 Says:


    Thank you for your comment.

    It is good to hear that you are willing to work with the government to prevent anymore violence by White Nationalists. I have to wonder though how the White Nationalists feel about your actions in talking to the press about James Von Brunn? I did read a couple of comments on VNN that made me think that you were burning your bridges with the White Nationalist hardcore.

  48. 48
    John de Nugent Says:

    Dear Chrisy,

    While some hardcore WNs are very sincere and brave people, so far they have not led the white nationist community to victory. I just have to follow my own path.

    As for gun control, and James von Brunn, my understanding is that the gun was 80 years old and was never registered anywhere.

    For me, guns are a necessary EVIL, because as long as psychopaths infest governments (and religions and banks and anything that can give them power), the people need some means to make the government fear them. That is in fact what Jefferson said: “The government must fear the people and not the people the government.”

    Someday, all psychopaths may be screened out of power, and the only persons who wil need gunjs are ranchers wh may encounter rattlesnakes. But the problem is the human rattlesnakes who infest almost every power center in America today.

    With guns, we have perhaps 25,000 murders a year out of 340,000,000 people. Without guns, we could have the US become one big gulag where millions die every year, just as happened in Soviet Russia or China. Clinton and Bush caused the death of one million just in Iraq! We nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki and incinerated Dresden! This government can never be trusted. Certainly the Amerindians found that out.

    I would also like to put some perspctive on the shooting at the museum. A security guard was killed. One security guard. He chose that job, which is to protect buildings with his life. What Von Brunn did was tragic and wrong, but it is no reason to overthrow the US Constitution.

  49. 49
    Aslan Maskhadov Says:

    John, when people promote conspiracy theories and tell them how their “race” is in danger of persecution or extermination, it is only inevitable that some people are going to take that to extremes. The problem with promoting conspiracy theories is that there is never any way to prove them, thus achieving some kind of justice. So the only option for some of these people is a last stand of glory.

  50. 50
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    I do not want to overthrow the consitution and I don’t believe Liberals do either. Yes, our Constitution has been weaken over the years by those who in the name war against terror have been allowed to pass such Laws as the American Patriot Act.

    Yes, I will even agree with you that there are White Nationalists who are sincere and are good people at heart, though I believe are misguided and brainwashed to believe a lie as truth. Your so called White Nationalist Cause is full of conspiracy theories and blaming the Jew, Non White, or White Liberal for all the problems in this country and the world.

    As Aslan pointed out is when you fill people’s minds with fear and tell them that the White Race is being destroyed and teach them these extreme lies, some people are going to feel that all hope is gone and will make a last stand of glory for their cause and race.

    Some people have the gift of speaking or writing and our words might influence people. Some people would say we are responsible if we by our words cause someone who is a nutjob to go out and do a violent act, because he took what we said or wrote in the wrong way. I don’t know if I would go that far and place the blame on us who have the gift of speaking and writing, but I do think we need to think before we encourage people to act in such a way.

    Yes, John you must follow your own drummer. Just be aware that by speaking to the press that some White Nationalists are not going to trust you anymore.

  51. 51
    John de Nugent Says:

    Thanks, Chrisy.

    Btw, a crazy skinhead who was launching vile attacks against me (of course as a homosexual! they never give up) just got arrested for weapons violations….

    Previously, this Hardy Lloyd had shot his own girlfriend to death and gotten off in 2004….

    Well, all this is why I call myself a Solutrean and a “white nationist,” not a white “nationalist.” “Nationalist,” to me, sounds like goose-stepping into someone else’s country, and subjugating them.

    However, white nationism is just “we want to be left umnmolested, unbothered, and able to be safe and free, as a nation within the United States, to keep our heritage as you keep yours.” Other races and white liberals can all do their own thing and God bless them. I feel that Solutreans will strive be more like high-tech Amish. 🙂

  52. 52
    chrisy58 Says:


    I sent you a PM at phora telling you why I did not approve your post here. I logged on this morning and I see another one even longer. I didn’t want to tell you in public, but I see I have no other choice.

    John, I do understand you wanting to defend the honor of the woman you love and wanting to marry. I can respect a man who has the courage to fight for the woman he loves. That is very rare in the world today that men are willing to fight.

    As I wrote you in the pm I sent, Spook isn’t on the internet and he is not going to see what you write to him or even respond. It would only bring drama to my blog and I don’t want drama here. I don’t want another of the many White Nationalist soap opreas played out on my board in public.

    Like I told 14/88 I would like to have a White Nationalist who is able to present your views to the world make comments on the different articles and posts. I would like to see all sides of the political coin posting and debating each other on this blog. As I have shared with you before I my vision for the future of this blog is more of a blog of education and learning. I love politics and so I hope that there will be people of all political view points who are making comments and we can have a real discussion of ideas from all political view points.

    I know it is hard to do, but I would advice you to let it go. I know it is hard because when a nun told me that years ago I couldn’t do it and actually haven’t given up the hope that he will face me in the eyes and we tell each other the truth and we shake hands as two Catholics so that I can start healing. So I do understand about feeling so strongly about doing the right thing that you don’t give up. If you feel so strongly that you want to talk to spock and get in contact with him, than I suggest you contact One People’s Project; but the reality is that you being able to discuss this issue with Spock is most likely not going to happen anymore than we have a blizzard in Phoenix in the mouth of August. It is a waste of your time and effort.

    You are writing your book and you have other things to do. Let it go. Don’t waste your time and energy on something that is not going to happen. I had to let go my desire of a fellow Catholic who I think treated me wrong for us to do what we as two Catholics should do and that is talk things out. Waiting for that to happen is also like waiting for snow to fall in AZ in the mouth of August. Yes, it would help in my healing if this person had the courage to face me and face the truth and we could talk things out, but it isn’t going to happen anymore than Spock discussing with you the comments he made about your lady love.

    It is time for us to both move on and leave the past behind us. I know very hard, but we must.

    We can’t change the past John, but we can change the future.


  53. 53
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    I removed Spock’s comment. If you find another comment of Spock’s that attacks you I will remove it. I do not want this blog to be a drama blog. Spock doesn’t post on the internet anymore so he is not going to debate you. The best way to avoid the drama is to remove his posts.

    I do not want anymore DRAMA over this. I have removed his post in this thread. The Drama that is found within White Nationalism is one reason why people just shake their heads after a while and not even deal with you guys. Drama, Drama, Drama.


  54. 54
    John de Nugent Says:

    Dear Chrisy,

    “Drama” is all over the Net and not just among white nationalists. Neither David Letterman nor Sarah Palin are WNs, yet look at their catfight over his jokes about her daughters.

    I am now, esp. since the von Brunn/security guard tragedy, a public figure and Google, the number-one search engine worldwide, with a nealry 90% marketr share, is putting YOUR blog on the first page when people do a search under “John de Nugent”. Thus your blog is important, whether you want this or not, due to Google’s decision.

    I did not attack my character or my fiancee’s, but rather Spock did. I defended myself and I defended her honor against a man who recycled Scientology drivel. If that is drama, that is also honor, and let there be more.

    All the world is a stage, and we but actors on it. — Shakespeare (likely Edward de Vere)

    If you wish me to no longer post here, that is okay, Chrisy, however. My best to you, JdN You can email me at john@johndenugent.com if you wish to end this thread.

  55. 55
    chrisy58 Says:

    Dear John,

    I approved your comment. I know that drama is all over the internet, but I also have a right to try and keep this blog as drama free as I can.

    I just had another White Nationalist say he isn’t going to comment here anymore. his last posts were not approved because he can’t post like an adult and not attack the person who either wrote the article and just talk about things in a calm reasonable manner. Like a two year old he had a temper tantrum because he couldn’t post his thoughts without attacking the person instead just saying the reasons why the article was badly written and not a factual article.

    I have removed Spocks comment here, so anyone who reads this thread by googling your name is not going to read Spocks words. His Comment is GONE. As far as I am concerned the issue is closed. Now can we move pass this please and move on to other things?

    I can respect a man who is willing and has the courage to fight for the things he believes in, who will fight against the odds to save his country from falling, because he loves this nation, and for the people he loves. I have no problem with you fighting Spock, because he is a big boy and he can fight for himself. He isn’t on the internet anymore so your battle is not going to take place on my blog. If you would like to fight it out on another avenue than go ahead. If you really want to find Spock than I suggest you contact One People’s Project and see if they can get you in touch with them. I don’t know how to get in touch with Spock.

    You are welcome to post here. I have told you before that I want to move this blog into the direction of education and learning. I love politics so I would love to see people of all political views being able to post their thoughts and views and have civil discussion.

    I do not want this to be a White Nationalist blog or the main focus of this blog on White Nationalism. Though from time to time I will post about White Nationalism as it appears in the news. Yes, the shooter did play on the news. So therefore I commented.


  56. 56
    John de Nugent Says:

    This is good: education and learning.

    One mandatory requirement for those who volunteer to become Solutreans is mandatory, graded continuing education courses for all adults in marital dynamics, child psychology and child-rearing, and male and female psychology.

    Much of the bitterness between men and women goes back to women forgetting the not-trivial fact that men descend from hunters — silent killers — and women from gatherers, and thus they comnmunicate as they gather berries, discuss their colors, and talk just for the sake of bonding, which is a good cause in itself.

    I found in living in France 2004-05 — where men and women live seven years longer than we do — that emotions are expressed without being bottled up, there really is a lot of romance just as in the cliché, and the “strong, silent type”-switch is not stuck on “on” all the time in the men of France.

    As a person of northern European stock I felt in France as one of my Georgetown professors said one day to me: “If you really live as the natives do in a foreign country, and experience it, two things will happen: 1) you will love your own country more; and 2) you will see one hundred things you could change.”

  57. 57
    Z'ana'as Says:

    Wow, this is NICE, really. I’m at a public library and the racist forums are blocked so I’m glad to be able to browse through all of this.

    I had started out searching [Alabama] Jacksonville State College Journalism major who contributes variously in papers and writes profuselly on the net and on forums. He had written something called ‘What ever happened to John de Nugent” and I was trying to get a line on it to see what it was. Sean Jobst.

    Sean Jobst had in January belatedly gotten himself an in in the ‘occupy’ movement and I kind of thought he was some kind of a plant or something. Mr Jobst had posted hugh nonsense pieces on a Kali-Yuga cafe chat site in Cincinnatti a year ago and I had set off my search.

    Gets ya inta some wierd stuff. Obsession I suppose would be the right word.

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