SF Post-The Constitution is Dead & America is Dead!

I found this post on SF and I wanted to post it here.

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The Constitution is Dead & America is Dead!


I have to laugh at these people, these libertarian types and constitutionalists, who actually believe there’s still this country called America that’s worth preserving. That’s right, that same country with 150 million non whites (probably more) and whites that are here at least 1/2 of them are against us, and most of them aren’t worth the sweat off your back. Yet these same people keep promoting the same old tired s*** over and over again. They speak of the democratic process, running candidates, closing the border, voting against Obama, and restoring the constitution. The constitution will save us they say!

MIGHT MAKES RIGHT, we don’t have the power because it wasn’t seized at critical times in our short history. America as a nation state (as we once knew it) is gone, it’s lost, it’s in the ash bin of history. There are still many areas of the country you can escape to if you have the financial resources to do so, many people are still able to live their materialistic consumer driven lifestyles on borrowed credit, but America as a nation is gone. The constitution is a piece of paper with no teeth and the amendment process is a Trojan horse. Presidents have stepped all over the constitution and the bill of rights since the 1st Adams administration. It’s now 2008, the American political system is essentially a two-party dictatorship, a system influenced by Washington insiders, big money lobbyists, multi-national corporations, wall street executives, oil tycoons, fortune 500 heads, and radicalized Jewish supremacists. In addition, Amerikwa is a dumping ground for the third world, a place for Jews to exploit gentiles, a place for negroes to rape, rob, torture, and murder innocent Whites. No White Nationalist or Pro-White Nationalist candidate for that matter, will ever gain power in America.

We need to bring this ****** down, I’m voting for the nigger, and if he doesn’t win I’m praying for chaos in Black America, I hope they burn down every city, I welcome collapse and destruction. We live in a country with a mentally, emotionally, intellectually & physically polluted population. We need to rebuild. For all you constitutionalists out there Jefferson said we need a revolution every 20-25 years, think about that. White Americans (as a whole) are over worked and not compensated nearly enough for it, they don’t eat healthy, they don’t exercise regularly, they love their Jewish television, they don’t read, and most of us are powerless and have become apathetic. We have a filthy degenerate culture that emphasizes race mixing, feminism and negrophilia.

Again, the nation we once knew is gone, forever. I’ll say this a million times over if I have to before it sinks in, “We need to focus on creating all-White Communities and implement large scale self-improvement programs before we can even speak about political solutions.” There is no political solution, there is only war. What the hell does that mean and how do we prepare for war: Train yourself as a soldier would, educate yourself to the fullest extent possible, turn off the TV, cleanse yourself of the Jew, eat right, don’t consume sugar, stay away from drugs and alcohol abuse, train yourself physically, workout at least 5x a week, push yourself to become stronger and acquire more stamina, run, hike, power walk, learn martial arts or another form of self defense, learn how to use a gun, buy a gun, own guns, train your family members and friends, save your money and invest it wisely, stay away from White trash, get out of the cities, pay more attention to your children if you have them, and become a better parent. What ever you can do individually as one unit (one person) to improve our standing, you’re fighting for the White race. Do something to transform yourself into a healthy person, set an example and be a leader for all of us, and the Whites that surround you (regardless of how pathetic they are).

Unlike you I still love my country. Of course my ancestors fought in the first American Revolution and being a Daughter of the American Revolution I will fight until my dying breath for the Consitution of the United States. NO it is NOT TO LATE!!!!! As long as we are breathing we must continue to fight against the EVIL in the WORLD.

You White Nationalists say you love America and you want to save America, but the truth is that you gloat over the suffering that you know is coming upon the American people who are your fellow citizens. We are one country or at least we were who banded together to bring the torch of freedom to the world. True, we have been asleep at the wheel and things have happen in our name that were WRONG, but I believe if we as the American people wake up to the threat and be willing to fight for what is morally right; that we will win the victory and the bad guys who have been trying to destroy the America of our Founding Fathers will be defeated. We must never give up HOPE!!!!!

How can someone who was born in America and truly loved this country be cheering for the enemy to destroy us?

If we fall as a nation it will be because there were to many people like you who do not care enough to fight to save her.

I think that many of us Americans are waking up to the danger we are in. The question is will we wake up in time, will we be able to tell the American people the truth so that they will act, and if they still believe in the principles this country was founded on will they fight? We have the American people who have been lied to and we need to start making an effort to educate ourself on the issues, start moving and getting off our rear ends, and fight to perserve our nation.

Previous generations of Americans answered the call, will we? Will we put our greed over what is morally right? Will we fight together as one country to defeat the enemy? I honestly don’t know because I see so many people like you who do not care enough to stand up for freedom.

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